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Jersey Girl August 5, 2019

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Kindness rules!!! May 16, 2019

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! January 1, 2019

Jan 1, 2019.

Well, hopefully, you made it through safe and happy.

The New Year brings new challenges, new opportunities, and new hope for better days.

I’m not making any formal resolutions, I just have vague thoughts of “doing better”. For me that’s definitely going to be getting more active – going from human slug to actual movement.  Actually slugs are a little gross, with the slime and all, so maybe change that to the standard “couch potato”.

“Doing better” always, hopefully, involves more blog posts.  I’m not committing to every day but I need to get expressive and put stuff out here.  There may even be more poetry.  Yay, said … no one???

Some of them may be good.  A lot of them will probably be lame, but whatev.  Never know ’til you start, right.

Anyway, just wanted to get something on here.  I came across this on twitter, earlier today, and I think it’s perfect:



Have a great tuesday, y’all!!


#TakeItDown June 27, 2015



Badass Bree Newsome Climbs S.C. Flagpole To Remove Confederate Flag

Bree Newsome



Good Advice June 22, 2015

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Do what you can, and just keep going December 8, 2014

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Shonda Rhimes Responds Gay Scenes Twitter October 20, 2014

Shonda Rhimes Responds Gay Scenes Twitter.


Cut yourself some slack July 8, 2014

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It’s about your health June 19, 2014

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Jamie Capria on Twitter



It’s all in how you phrase it June 11, 2014


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