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Sex, Love, etc … January 3, 2011


This page showcases poetry I’ve written.* Some it is sweet and some of it is raunchy. But it’s all a reflection of me and my warped, lovestruck, heartsick, melancholy brain.


*I found the “Eloquent Thoughts on Love” online and wanted to share them.



Love Sucks

Absence, Faith and Devotion


Random Kink

Love Bondage

What do you want right now?


How to Please Me

Aspect & Essence





Temporal Fire


history repeating

Side Dish

Visions of Never

*Eloquent Thoughts on Love


3 Responses to “Sex, Love, etc …”

  1. Blue Heeler Says:

    I’m interested in reading your poetry.


  2. Nice poetry:)

    Here’s a funny one:

    What is Love?

    Love is something deep inside,
    There is no book, or simple guide.
    You cannot base it on age or time,
    But hiding from it, is a crime.

    Love is difficult to explain,
    You must feel it in every vain.
    Otherwise, it won’t be real,
    In that case, it’s just a deal.

    Love cannot be bought with money,
    It won’t work, that’s just funny.
    Love is priceless, not for sale,
    In the end, it shall prevail.

    by Martin Dejnicki

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