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Issue November 25, 2010


Some say it smells like bleach: strong, distinctive and not especially pleasant. I’ve heard it described as Ajax or some other cleaning fluid. His is different. The smell … inexplicably, reminds me of almond milk, flavored with vanilla. Even a day later I can still catch the fragrance in my nostrils.


The first time I experienced the taste, it came as a surprise. No warning, no asking permission, just .. oh there it is, I guess you’ve arrived. I’ve realized since that it was quite impolite. But back to the taste. There was a … soapyness to it, like dishwashing liquid. I don’t remember any sort of smell. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t bad. It just … was.


I’ve come to truly enjoy the …process of receiving the gift. I realize some women find it a thoroughly unpleasant chore, but I get great pleasure from it. The weightiness on my tongue, tender yet firm flesh held captive between my lips and down my throat. The excitment of bringing his pleasure closer and closer. Varying my speed – fast, then slow, – building the tension. Just the tip, then the shaft, over and over, and over again.


But sometimes, I don’t want the taste. Not right away. Occasionally I prefer to feel it, on my skin. Chest or buttocks are good, but my favorite, is the face. The intermittent spray, dropping like rain. Coating forehead, striking my nose, splashing over lips. Hitting my chin, with the warm errant drops sliding down to bosom.



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One Response to “Issue”

  1. 1warriorheart Says:

    I have really enjoyed it. I found it ververy thought provoking, stimulating and arousing.

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