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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! January 1, 2019

Jan 1, 2019.

Well, hopefully, you made it through safe and happy.

The New Year brings new challenges, new opportunities, and new hope for better days.

I’m not making any formal resolutions, I just have vague thoughts of “doing better”. For me that’s definitely going to be getting more active – going from human slug to actual movement.  Actually slugs are a little gross, with the slime and all, so maybe change that to the standard “couch potato”.

“Doing better” always, hopefully, involves more blog posts.  I’m not committing to every day but I need to get expressive and put stuff out here.  There may even be more poetry.  Yay, said … no one???

Some of them may be good.  A lot of them will probably be lame, but whatev.  Never know ’til you start, right.

Anyway, just wanted to get something on here.  I came across this on twitter, earlier today, and I think it’s perfect:



Have a great tuesday, y’all!!


I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! AKA #NaBloWriMo AKA #whatthehell November 1, 2016

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Hey – remember me? I used to post stuff here. On my blog. One of many. That I’ve basically abandoned. I saw something online and I think I might participate in it. So – you’ve no doubt heard of NaNoWriMo.

No? Well NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write every day, and by the end of the month you’re supposed to have completed 50,000 word novel.

Yeah – not doing that.

There’s also NaPoWriMo, for writing a poem a day, which happens in April. I actually did NaPoWriMo one year. You know, back when I actually posted stuff to this blog.

It was interesting, and kind of fun. Not that every poem I wrote was a winner, but I’m quite proud of what I did.

So, anyway, apparently there is a blogging version of this writing thing, called NaBloPoMo. Aaaaaand, you guessed it – this is my first post. (Yep, there’s “Blo” in the name, but I’m gonna be a grownup and leave it alone)

Mind you, if you participate in any of these things, you’re supposed to sign up or register or something. Make it known on the official sites.

Yeah – not doing that

But anyway, you can check out ideas and prompts and just get some general info on the whole thing.

So, let’s see how this goes.


Undone April 3, 2013

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stop looking for happily ever after

that’s a fantasy made by Disney

this life is what you live

right here, and right now

open your eyes little girl

and just let all that shit go



How to Write A Poem April 1, 2013


I don’t know how to do that

    so I’m just going to type

some words

    on a page


’cause when I actively “try” to write a poem


I’m overcome by the vapor of thoughts

    leaving my brain

the thud of my mind

    falling flat against the wall

erected by the “muse” to keep me at bay


puckish little tease

    flitting around the edges, and

hiding from the light and evading me, conscious

but going all beasty

    when my eye-shades give up on

keeping the lashes aloft



    now that’s when she shines

bright as a super nova, wrapped in rainbows

    under kleig lights, fast as a comet


“let the wild rumpus begin!”

    behind lids …

         deep in REM

what nuggets await when

    the wall

        breaks down?



will it be pearls of genius


     compostable drek?



and what if I can’t recall it

    once she leaves?


or she takes it with her when she goes

    like a greedy little miser keeping all

the treasures for self

    Rumplestiltskin playing with his gold

laughing as I scramble to

    remember, just to

            remember ….


Ugh ….

    Why do I even try?







if you came here for instruction,

    I can’t tell you what to do

for writing a poem is hard work,

    and thinking makes me think of sleep


But come back tomorrow

    there may be something here

        you can use


or nothing


    but feathers of thought


or just






Victor Frankl on Adapting July 30, 2011

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WordPress PostADay2011 Challenge – Possible Dupe July 1, 2011

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Was just going through my folder of partially done stuff to find something to write about. Had a bunch of completed items that had been posted but just hadn’t been moved to my “published” folder. Found the following post and couldn’t find it already on the blog. I still have a nagging suspicion that I actually posted it already, but … what the hell? It’s going up again.


What’s been the hardest part of the challenge?


Finding something interesting to write about and having something half-way interesting to say. Being disciplined enough to do it every single day. And it’s not like I don’t have the time – I just don’t do it. I can spend time on TV, on Scrabble, endless attempts at organization, sleep, and just plain laziness. Sometimes I actually do other stuff that needs to be done – like housework.


I’m not avoiding it. It’s not like doing it is painful. A lot of times I really can’t come up with anything that inspires me. Even when I actively sit in front of the computer and try to find something, anything that will create a brain spark I’ll come up with other stuff that can fill the blog – lots of visually interesting stuff for the various galleries. But not necessarily something I want to write about.


A lot of times I’ll go through the little snippets of thought, phrases or ideas I’ve jotted down and add a word or a line here and there, but nothing that would work as a completed piece.


I know some people do a bunch of posts and store them up, but if I’m having trouble coming up with one little post each day, a whole bunch of posts at one time probably aren’t going to start flying from my typing fingers, either.


But – I will continue with this challenge. I still have the snippets to go through and you could look at something 10 times with no result and then – Eureka!!
Voile!! Or even – Heavens to Murgatroyd!!


Yeah – I can’t imagine myself shouting any of that either. But you get the idea. And some days, I get it too.


Plinky/PostADay2011 prompt: How do you stay focused? January 7, 2011


I have no freakin’ clue. Usually I’ll get an idea and write it down. Eventually I’ll sit down at the keyboard to open up Microsoft Word. The idea could be a random thought, turn of phrase or, usually, some sort of erotic scenario that needs to be fleshed out.


Right now I have a bunch of these random thoughts in multiple Word and text documents that need to be further explored. 2011 is the year I will definitely get more into writing, be it poetry, diary-type blogging, or the aforementioned erotic scenarios. (Those are really fun. And extremely distracting). That’s my main problem with staying focused – getting distracted. And not by outside forces even. Just by my own roving brain. See – I’ll start something and that triggers another thought in my brain, which I’ll explore, then one thought leads to another – like stepping stones in a pond. Then pretty soon, it’s an hour later; I’ve totally forgotten what I originally set out to do and I’ve got 5 incomplete files open on my virtual desktop.


I think the first thing I need to do is make a separate file or document for each random thought or idea, and tag them. That’ll help me refresh my memory, possibly, about where I wanted to take those ideas. (In the process I’ll probably come up with at least 10 more ideas to be fleshed out.) Then organize them, somewhat (or at least my form of organization), in one place so I can easily access them.


I have documents and images, within files, within folders, within master folders, within archives of stuff all over my machine. I should probably look for some sort of open source writing/indexing type software to help with this. But that would be much too logical.







PostADay Challenge January 1, 2011

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Just signed up for the WordPress PostADay Challenge. It’s designed to give you ideas and inspiration for committing to posting something every day. They also had a PostAWeek challenge but if I’m gonna fail, then fail big right? Just kidding. This’ll be good for me, I think. I’ll (hopefully) develop the habit of sparking up the old gray matter. (My brain, not my hair) And by post I mean actually writing something, not just The Daily Hotness or a quote. Even if it’s only 1 or 2 tiny paragraphs of absolute fluff and nonsense. You know – the stuff I usually bring you.


Anyway, wish me luck on keeping up the goal, and I can’t wait to see what comes out.





The Daily Hotness – Tre Wilcox December 2, 2010

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Top Chef on IMDB

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