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Women sues NYPD for repeatedly trying to arrest her dead husband August 30, 2015

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Originally posted on theGrio:

After years of frustration, a Brooklyn woman has settled a lawsuit with New York City for $10,000.

Karen Fennell says NYPD officers repeatedly came to her Bushwhack home looking to arrest her husband James Jordan Sr., despite the fact that he died in 2006.

Fennell told the New York Post she was so fed up with the harassment – which included ransacking her home – that she decided to tape her husband’s death certificate on her front door.

Jordan Sr., died from diabetes at age 46, and was last arrested in 1996 for turnstile-jumping. Fennell and her son claim they repeatedly told the officers he had passed, even as they flipped over the furniture in the house looking for him.

However, law enforcement continued to show up to the apartment; four times in 2014 alone.

“I can’t hide anyone in my apartment. It’s not big enough for that. But they keep coming and insisting that he’s in…

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A&E casts new Kunta Kinte in Roots remake  August 28, 2015

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Originally posted on theGrio:

When a Roots remake was announced earlier in the year, many wondered who would play the iconic role of Kunta Kinte – now Deadline has finally put speculation to rest.

According to the film site, it’s been confirmed that British actor Malachi Kirby has been cast as Kunta Kinte in A&E Networks’ adaptation.

The updated TV mini-series will follow the lives of Kunta Kinte and his descendants after he is captured from his homeland Gambia and sold into slavery in America. LeVar Burton who famously played the lead role in the 1977 broadcast, is now producing the Alex Haley remake with Will Packer.

(Twitter) (Malachi Kirby/Twitter)

“My career began with Roots, and I am proud to be a part of this new adaptation,” said Burton. “There is a huge audience of contemporary young Americans who do not know the story of Roots or its importance. I believe now is the right time to tell this story so that we can all…

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How Emmett Till’s Murder Changed the World

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Originally posted on TIME:

In 1955, when 14-year-old Emmett Till traveled from his home in Chicago to stay with a great-uncle in Tallahatchie County, Miss., his mother was nervous. Though the world was changing — the Brown v. Board of Education decision had come the year before — the Deep South was still a dangerous place to be black. Till’s mother, Mamie Till Mobley, who had grown up in the rural county (a “snake-infested swamp,” as TIME described it that year), warned him of the risks. She told him “to be very careful… to humble himself to the extent of getting down on his knees,” per TIME.

“Living in Chicago,” she explained at the trial of his murderers, “he didn’t know.”

The teenager was abducted at gunpoint from his great-uncle’s home on this day, Aug. 28, 60 years ago, by two white men who accused him of having whistled at a white woman in…

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School labels Wonder Woman lunch box too violent August 27, 2015

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Wow. Just ridiculous


F&ck It. August 26, 2015

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Not a very lady like title is it? Well I’m not feeling very lady like. Actually, generally speaking ‘lady like’ is not a term I identify with and I don’t know that I’ve ever been or ever will be described as such.

I digress.

Why the vehemence? The vulgarity? The foul language?

I’m hungry.

I’m hungry right now because it’s the end of the day and nearing dinner and as we all know I’m on a journey to become the best version of myself that I can be (if you just threw up in your mouth a little it’s okay, I would too but my stomach has zero contents).

I have been largely positive about this experience because it has done largely positive things for me. Only positive things to be honest.

However, I miss junk food. I miss carbs. I still eat carbs but they are of the “sprouted”…

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GoFundMe created for tuition of subway hero who stopped a rape August 21, 2015

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Originally posted on theGrio:

A crowdfunding campaign has been created for a New York City subway hero who stopped a rapist and helped a young woman in Brooklyn last week.

Maurice Osborne sprang into action as soon as he heard the screams of a 28-year-old woman on a subway platform in Park Slope.

“As soon as she said that he was trying to rape her, I just reacted,” the 37-year-old told CBS.

In an effort to thank the Osborne, and “on behalf of all women everywhere,” a GoFundMe campaign was created to help raise funds for Osborne’s tuition.

According to CBS, Osborne is studying to become a medical assistant, while living in a Bed Stuy shelter.

The crowdfunding campaign’s goal is $5,000 and has reached $4,490 in its first day.

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Jesse Williams shreds ‘All Lives Matter’ supporters with one Instagram post August 13, 2015

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Originally posted on theGrio:

Jesse Williams strikes again.

The actor, activist and social media slayer took aim at ‘All Lives Matter’ supporters Thursday. On Instagram, Williams posted an image showing two houses – one was burning, one was not.

The ‘firefighter’ (who appears to be looking away) in the illustration is directing the ‘fire hose’ at the house that isn’t burning. Meanwhile, the burning house continues to…well… burn.

The title of the photo fittingly reads: “All Houses Matter.” Williams caption reads, “We see you. So will history.”

The Instagram post is clearly a knock on those who choose to respond to “Black Lives Matter” protests with some form of “All Lives Matter.”

In April, Williams’ tweet about the Baltimore riots was retweeted and favorited some 42,000 times. In June, he added perspective to Sandra Bland’s death with 24 blistering tweets.

Never change, Jesse.

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PopPolitics: Barry Crimmins, Bobcat Goldthwait on the Serious Side of Political Satire August 12, 2015

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Originally posted on Variety:

Asked what he thinks of the 2016 presidential race, political satirist Barry Crimmins says, “I think the main problem is, someone will win.”

Crimmins is known for his sharp, subversive humor, especially in an election year, but also for elevating the Boston comedy scene as the founder of two clubs where Steven Wright, Paula Poundstone, Bobcat Goldthwait and Kevin Meaney gained traction in their early careers.

Goldthwait’s new documentary, “Call Me Lucky,” captures Crimmins’ life and career, in which he supplemented his stand-up act with activism, including opposition to Reagan administration’s support of the Contras in Nicaragua. The heart of the project, though, is Crimmins’ decision to go public in the early ’90s with the fact that he had been raped as a 4-year-old child by the male friend of his babysitter’s mother. He grappled with the memory of this childhood trauma by exposing pedophilia chatrooms popping up on…

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White House staffer arrested for allegedly firing at boyfriend with his own gun August 11, 2015

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Originally posted on theGrio:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A White House staffer is charged with firing the service weapon of an off-duty U.S. Capitol Police officer in what authorities described as a domestic incident. No one was hurt.

Prince George’s County Police say officers were called to an Upper Marlboro, Maryland, home early Friday for a reported shooting.

Authorities say 37-year-old Barvetta Singletary had argued with the Capitol officer. Police say Singletary grabbed the officer’s service weapon from a bag and fired one round, which hit the floor.

Singletary, a special assistant to the president and legislative liaison at the White House, is charged with assault and reckless endangerment.

A statement says Singletary was put on unpaid leave and her access to the White House has been revoked.

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