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Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich – Poems | poets.org March 28, 2020

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Diving into the Wreck – First having read the book of myths,

Source: Diving into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich – Poems | poets.org


Such a great speech August 9, 2019

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“That’s great. It’s nice you moved on; I can’t. You found someone new;

I’m not allowed to, remember? I see you again, it cuts me up inside, and the person I share that with, is me! You don’t know me anymore, so don’t come down here with your great new life, and expect me to do things your way. Go home!”

Angel – Season 1, Episode 19 – “Sanctuary”


Cats trailer – Perfectly disturbing July 22, 2019

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Tom Hanks playing Mr. Rogers = Perfect

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Random Thought … May 5, 2019

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“Open the fucking pod bay doors, Hal. I’m not gonna ask you again!”




Robert Deniro, as Dr. Bowman in 2001: A Space Odyssey




And so it begins … March 20, 2019

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Today is the Spring Equinox. Also known as the Vernal Equinax, or more simply – th first day of Spring.

Windows are thrown open, people totally forget they wore coats and scarves 2 days ago, and grab their shorts. Slow your roll, moondoggie, you’re gonna get pneumonia!

Basicaly this means the sun moves from south of the celestial equator to the noeth. What does that actually mean? The length of the days start to equal the length of the nights, and with Daylight Savings Time hitting us last weekend, our internal clocks are all screwed up.

But – you get more daylight to do … stuff????

So, have a happy long, bright ass day!!




“Golden” – Jill Scott January 1, 2019

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Another inspiration for the New Year.





Jan 1, 2019.

Well, hopefully, you made it through safe and happy.

The New Year brings new challenges, new opportunities, and new hope for better days.

I’m not making any formal resolutions, I just have vague thoughts of “doing better”. For me that’s definitely going to be getting more active – going from human slug to actual movement.  Actually slugs are a little gross, with the slime and all, so maybe change that to the standard “couch potato”.

“Doing better” always, hopefully, involves more blog posts.  I’m not committing to every day but I need to get expressive and put stuff out here.  There may even be more poetry.  Yay, said … no one???

Some of them may be good.  A lot of them will probably be lame, but whatev.  Never know ’til you start, right.

Anyway, just wanted to get something on here.  I came across this on twitter, earlier today, and I think it’s perfect:



Have a great tuesday, y’all!!


FREE NETFLIX!!! August 3, 2018

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Okay, it’s only for a month. And it’s mine; I’m not offering free Netflix to errbody; get your own.

Look I haven’t posted anything on this blog since last year, late September.  But I decided to throw something on here, so I’m posting my Netflix viewing list for this lovely free month.

This is not my first experience with Netflix.  I’ve had the service and cancelled it several times over the years.  Why cancel?  Boredom, cost-cutting – that sort of thing. Consequently, there are sooooooooooo many things I haven’t seen.  My watch list is, like 70 items long – movies, series, comedy specials, documentaries, and I’ve only started 2 days ago.

I’ve decided to stick with one-offs: movies or comedy specials.  A series takes up too much time.  Plus I have all my regular tv commitments. (No, I don’t work in tv, but I just have no life, and I really get into my shows).

I’ve only been at it for 2 1/2 days and so far I’ve watched 7 things:


I’ve enjoyed everything so far, and I encourage you to check them out.  I’ll be posting updates on my continuing choices.


Peace out!!






September 28, 2017

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news I got today

sad and shocked, confused, first thought:

cancer really sucks!


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