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VISIONS OF NEVER July 15, 2011




why can’t i scrub these visions of you out of my brain

i see them, of us, together, when things were –

    not perfect, just – really beautiful

i had hope and purpose and the idea that things

    could be good

but that was just (kinda) stupid, wasn’t it?

it was never gonna be real, and perfect

and happily-ever-after


i never wanted to believe in something like that,

    not for me, at least

but you took down my wall, brick by brick and chip

    by precious chip


i’m trying not to care, yet somehow i still do

(sometimes) i wish it was easier just to …



rebuilding a fortress is hard when there is no mortar

  left to patch, and shells have been shattered



d u s t ,,,,,,




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