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Reagan Shooter Finds Rejection, Indifference in Future Home – ABC News April 19, 2015

I had no idea he was even allowed out

Reagan Shooter Finds Rejection, Indifference in Future Home – ABC News.



We’re #1 ;-( October 27, 2014

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Truly a class act all around October 23, 2014

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Doubts cast on witness’s account of black man killed by police in Walmart | World news | theguardian.com September 10, 2014

Doubts cast on witness's account of black man killed by police in Walmart | World news | theguardian.com.


It’s all in how you phrase it June 11, 2014


After Trayvon: A Word of Love to Every Black Person I Know – Player Perspective by J Danielle » Player Perspective by J Danielle July 14, 2013

After Trayvon: A Word of Love to Every Black Person I Know – Player Perspective by J Danielle » Player Perspective by J Danielle.


Random Thought June 24, 2013



I was watching The View this morning with Nancy Grace as co-host. They were talking about the George Zimmerman jury and it struck me –


Everybody’s calling this The Zimmerman trial and she was the only one I can think of who actually called it what it is


The Trayvon Martin Murder Trial.



April is the cruelest month April 20, 2013

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Martin Richard, Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013



Columbine High School

April 20, 1999



Oklahoma City

April 19, 1995




Bill Hicks on guns April 18, 2013

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Modern Life – Pt 1 March 6, 2013


Maybe this should be filed under “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”. Or better yet “Teach Your Children”.


One kid threatened another kid with a gun during an argument. Another kid disarmed him and this kid, the one that disarmed the gun toting student, is the one that got suspended. How does that happen?


Officials are saying it’s because he didn’t cooperate with the investigation and wouldn’t say where the gun came from. Fortunately info got around, the cops went to the kid’s (gunman’s) house and found the weapon. (Although I don’t really understand how he ended up back with the gun at his house if the one kid disarmed him. I mean – why disarm him if you’re just gonna give it back?)


The disarmer’s mom said she stands behind him for doing the right thing, which is great. But she seems to have no problem with her kid not giving up the info on the gunman during the police investigation. From the Huff Post article:


The boy’s mother said she believes her son wouldn’t reveal the details to police
because he was “born and raised” not to “snitch.”


I applaud the kid for disarming the other student, but he should have cooperated with the investigation. It’s not just about stepping up and keeping guns away from stupid people, it’s also about speaking up as well. This “don’t snitch” ethos just keeps letting people get away with stuff and sets up the possibility of more dangerous stuff popping off. So mom, you did a half-good job of teaching your kid the right thing to do. But half isn’t good enough.


The kid did a good thing, but you gotta follow through. The saying goes “Snitches get stitches.” I could jokingly add “And wind up in ditches”, but I get that people get scared about retaliation. But if nobody steps up this kind of stuff will keep happening.


And what is it teaching the gunman? It’s saying there’re really no consequences to doing something wrong. Of course the fact that he brought a gun to school and threatened a classmate to solve a verbal disagreement kind of makes you believe he doesn’t see this as something wrong. It’s just what you do nowadays. And this “don’t snitch” crap is all part of that code of so-called “honor”. Until somebody they love gets hurt because somebody else didn’t speak up when they knew something.


People want to blame the police for not protecting people, but we all live in this world. We should think about protecting each other. You know “Do unto others …” etc, etc. It takes courage. And conscience. And just good old human decency.


Whatever happened to that?




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