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About May 8, 2010

Welcome to my 1st blog (possibly my last).  I’m a complicated, odd, occasionally raunchy but insanely decent broad.  I like curse words

Enjoy the madness

Me Me Me


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Max Says:

    I was looking to see what I had missed today and found you had a blog. So here I am. I like what you’re doing, have to check it out some more. Like the causes here you’re about. See you on the Twitter, and thanks for your help when I first got here and couldn’t find a durn thing~

  3. Esther Says:

    I have some questions about a photo that I found in a body mod image search on google of what appears to be a woman who has had her eyebrow (skin and all) sliced off and placed on her upper lip as a “mustache”. The person appears terrified. It seems to be an image of torture not body modification. Who is this person? What is the story behind it? The photo is somehow linked to your blog and is very disturbing. The image name is body-mod-101.jpg and the direct link brings up malware warnings, so be aware of that.

  4. Esther Says:

    I just found the original post. Sorry, should have looked first. I do think that the eyebrow photo stands out a bit, don’t you? The person in the photo does not look as though they are enduring a voluntary modification…

  5. jacob Says:

    hey, can please take down the pic with sun glasses and the one sitting in front of the garage door. those are jacob blumer not aaron lee. u can look me up on facebook or just google my name. or at least give my proper credit. thank u jacob

  6. Ben Says:

    I like your section on Banksy!!

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