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How to Please Me … August 2, 2010

Tell me how to please you –

“Slow, deep, soft wet kisses that last three days”

Kiss me –

Please me with your mouth –

on my lips, my eyes, all over my throat

Let your tongue invade my mouth and slither down my neck

Bathe my shoulders and warm my chest (heart) with your breath

Kiss my stomach, then, lower. And lower

Press your lips to my center, and drink

Your tongue in my pussy, gentle and quick, Take me deep in your mouth

swallowing my passion

As it trickles to your lips

Touch me –

Hands and fingers –

Sweep over and caress me, cup my breasts

Tease and squeeze my nipples beneath your fingers

Lightly tracing patterns on my skin

Down – and further down, feeling, exploring

Open my flesh and make me clay


One Response to “How to Please Me …”

  1. Old White Dude Says:

    Sounds like a plan. Niice; open & honest.

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