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WTF ???????? December 10, 2010


This page is devoted to some of the weird, wacky, shake your head, jaw dropping WTF? – ness of the internet. Periodically I’ll just do a search on a random topic and post the bizarre stuff that comes up. And yes, I do have a lot of free time on my hands, thanks for noticing. I do it all, so you won’t have to.

Kama Sutra

Naughty Santa

Gummi Bears/Gummi Pron


Shoes – pt 1

Shoes – pt 2

Shoes – pt 3


Edgar Allan Poe

Casual Friday – pt 1

Casual Friday – pt 2

Strange Valentine’s Day

Body Modification – pt 1

Body Modification – pt 2

Body Modification – pt 3

Creepy Bunny

Zombie Jesus

Bad/Crazy-Ass Mother’s Day



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