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Banksy May 30, 2011


16 Responses to “Banksy”

  1. Susan Crisp Says:

    Simply Beautiful

  2. Eric Says:

    An incredible voice.

  3. suat Says:

    absolutely superb…

  4. Ipek Yaman Says:

    everything that i want to say

  5. Johnny Says:

    They are not all by Banksy.

  6. Annonymous Says:

    The one that says ‘BLEK’ is not Banksy, it is in fact Blek The Rat who is a graffiti artist from france; whom form which banksy took most of his ideas from.

  7. […] called “Bansky” from the UK… hi graffiti is awesome and has a very dark sense of humor… https://jerzygirl45.wordpress.com/art-gallery/banksy/ here’s the link which shows some of his […]

  8. Artan Says:

    very interesting

  9. asflkjdl; Says:


    • jerzygirl45 Says:

      While your witty and incredibly well-reasoned commentary is appreciated, I would hope that, in the future, you could restrain yourself from such excessive verbosity.

      Good day to you, sir.

  10. banksy Says:

    i am banksy.

    i don’t approve of this website.

    go to banksy.co.uk for the real deal

    stop taking a piss

    • jerzygirl45 Says:

      No offense or copyright infringement is intended. I just wanted to show people art that I like, that they may not be aware of.

      Also since I got the photos off of the internet, and didn’t break into Banksy’s house and steal them I don’t really see what the problem is.

  11. fornika Says:

    beautiful…. i Just love it….

  12. Kaliagrrrl Says:


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