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#100factsaboutme – pt 3 March 22, 2011

51. I think the penis is the most beautiful thing ever created

52. I think any man looks good in a tux

53. David LaBrava makes me drool

54. I think if Monica Lewinsky had done her job right, there would have been no stain on the dress

55. I used to be devoted to soap operas

56. I used to think I would die a virgin

57. I still have VHS tapes

58. I’ve never had a one-night stand

59. I have a slight fear of heights, mostly based on this old rickety ladder I own

60. Usually I have the best of intentions, but just don’t follow through

61. I can put up a pair of mini blinds

62. I don’t like to look in mirrors

63. I like homemade carrot, carrot, apple, spinach juice

64. I really like southern rock, even though the confederate flag thing bugs me

65. I’ve only been called the “n” word once, on Twitter

66. When I was younger I lived across the street from one funeral home, and around the corner from another

67. I took piano lessons as a kid, but can’t play anything now

68. I like to play board games

69. The only card game I know is solitaire

70. I cannot look at a mouse or rat on TV or in a movie; I will cover my face until it’s off screen

71. I’m getting more comfortable in my own skin

72. In high school I only got one detention, for being 10 minutes late in Senior year

73. I was my high school Salutatorian (otherwise known as “almost Valedictorian”)

74. I wish I looked like my mother instead of my father

75. Except for a few songs here & there, I don’t really care for rap music


4 Responses to “#100factsaboutme – pt 3”

  1. janie Says:

    54 .. so funny .. and good point lol

  2. Aurora Says:

    what’s the n word??

  3. Aurora Says:

    (oh and btw, imo the most beautiful thing ever created was man, INCLUDING his penis :P)

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