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#100factsaboutme – pt 2 March 22, 2011

26. I went to an all-girls high school

27. My nickname in senior year was “O. O.”

28. I’ve never made a cake from scratch

29. I wear invisible bifocals

30. I got a degree in computer programming about 10 years ago, but never put it to use

31. I write erotic vignettes in my spare time

32. I’m a rock star at keeping a confidence

33. Sometimes I share too much, then regret it.

34. I still have my tonsils

35. I’ve never had the measles, only mumps

36. I’ve never broken a bone

37. In college I threw my roommate’s mattress in the hallway after an argument

38. I’ve never been ice skating

39. I don’t really watch sports, yet I used to love to watch figure skating. And bowling

40. I’ve never had a pedicure

41. There have been times that I’ve sat at the computer for 8 hours straight goofing around

42. Sometimes I don’t know how to end a phone conversation

43. I’ve only faked it twice

44. I used to really “enjoy” Flavor of Love

45. I can be a snob

46. The only other country I’ve been to is Canada, so I don’t really count that

47. I don’t have a passport

48. I use to own over 300 CD’s

49. I tried to read “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, because it’s “an important work” and I thought I should. But I just cannot get into it, and I won’t be trying it again.

50. I loved reading “Beach Music” so much, that after I read it I wanted to marry Pat Conroy.


4 Responses to “#100factsaboutme – pt 2”

  1. Aurora Says:

    really? I liked Invisible man, and I read it some years ago, when I was like 20 or something like that…very good book, I think you should give it another try. And when I say “give it a try” I mean read it until the end – books, like movies, can surprise you in the end if you persist. I’ve been struggling with the brothers karamazov…the style reminds me too much of my mother LOLLLL

    did you use to enjoy Mr. Plushenko in figure skating? He’s my fave 😀

    well, you don’t need a passport if you’re from the US and have never been anywhere else except for Canada…if you don’t feel like going anywhere, why bother? And you should count Canada, it’s a great country, and depending where on Canada you’ve been, it’s a whole other world (I strongly suggest Québec City).

  2. Aurora Says:

    what’s Flavor of Love? Some sort of edible oil? 😛

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