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Tell Me About Yourself March 22, 2011




Articulate, adaptable

Bold, brave, brazen

Crazy, curious, chilly, confusing, creative, cheap, cranky

Depressed, devoted, dull

Enigmatic, erotic, enamored, extravagant, empathetic

Faithful, friendly, foolish funny

Goofy, guarded, genuine

Happy, hopeful

Insolent, inquisitive, impractical, insecure, impatient, imaginative

Jovial, jerky, jealous

Kind, kinky

Lazy, loyal, loving, lackluster

Moving, mature

Nonsensical, normal, nice

Obsessive, obtuse

Private, petty, practical, patient, prickly

Quixotic, quiet

Ready, ripe, racy, reliable, raunchy, respectful, respectable

Silly, sweet, soft, sensitive, slow, sexual

Talkative, trite, tired

Unknowable, unpredictable, understanding

Vixenish, vibrant, verbose

Witty, wacky,

(sorry, couldn’t come up with anything)

Youthful, yankee

Zany, zesty


5 Responses to “Tell Me About Yourself”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    One “x” adjective that quickly comes to mind is “xenophobic”.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Oh yeah, and “Xanthic”.

  3. Aurora Says:

    I don’t know how to define myself – have always had trouble finding the right adjectives 😛

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