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RIP – Freddie Mercury November 24, 2010


Freddie Mercury


Official Queen Youtube channel


10 Responses to “RIP – Freddie Mercury”

  1. welding Says:

    Awesome collection,

    Happy 65th B’day Freddie

  2. Queen rocks! Says:

    […] Image credit – JerzyGirl45 […]

  3. pat cook Says:

    R.I.P. Freddie…..

  4. Sisko Says:

    Freddie was the BEST.

  5. rich Says:

    thanks for the memories, Freddie

  6. Juan Says:

    He is incredibly forever

  7. I was 14 years old when freddy was at the peak of his life 1985 was the year..oh how nice life was back then,I remember Freddy like if it was yesterday,Happy Birth day Freddy and R.I.P ,I will always love You.

  8. Cinda White Says:

    Freddy was the BEST! I will ALWAYS remember him!

  9. Nick Santana Says:

    Everybody singing Queen today, awesome

  10. barbara barteldt Says:

    Where have the years gone? At 58, and with that age, officially a “Fat Bottomed Girl”, I still prefer listening to Queen and Freddie more than anyone else. I’m fast approaching the “Old Lady” stage of my life, but Freddie transports me back to being 25 again every time I here his music! Thanks for sharing your unbelievable depth of talent with the world Freddie. Miss You, & Love You, Now and Forever!

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