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Too funny November 28, 2013




Whoops! August 29, 2013




OOPS: Senator Who Advocates Arming Teachers Accidentally Shoots Teacher With Rubber Bullet


(Source: Americans Against the Tea Party on FB)



A True Senior Moment June 10, 2013

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So – I’m hungry and I decide to make some rigatoni and sauce. I also decide to make a cup of tea. I put on the water for the pasta, then I put on the kettle for tea. I get my teabag and my cup and spoon and set that out.


While waiting for the boil and the whistle I turn on the laptop and let it boot up, and I go watch a little tv. Eventually the kettle sings so I go to pour my cuppa. Well, what do I find? I find my cup, and my spoon right where I placed them, at the ready. And I find a pasta pan that’s turned into a pot of tea.


I put the teabag in the pasta water!!!!


And no, I wasn’t trying to make homebrewed iced tea. Just a regular cuppa – nice and hot.


Now, my question to you, gentle reader is: SHOULD I BE WORRIED ABOUT THIS?






Pick your lines October 4, 2012




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