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Walking Day 21 January 11, 2011

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MUSIC:  “Train Song – Live” – Holly Cole

        “Come Together” – Dianne Reeves
& Cassandra Wilson




Just a quick one – no pretense at health or exercise. Just a breath of fresh air & a trip to the corner store for some butter. Haven’t used actual butter in years; I stick with Smart Balance buttery spread but corner stores are somewhat limited in their choice. Of everything. $4 for 4 sticks of butter. Is that normal? Seems excessive to me. I didn’t need a toast spread that much, so I decided to pass.


$4???? Really??





Walking Day 20 January 7, 2011

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MUSIC: “Suck My Kiss” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Train Song” – Holly Cole

     “Tighten Up” – The Black Keys



Another snow shower predicted for today. Wanted to get in a walk before it got really bad, plus I wanted bread & milk.


The sidewalks were just lightly dusted and walking was easy. The temp was 32 degrees, right at freezing. I could see my breath and it was very grey, but I didn’t feel chilled. It was actually quite lovely and peaceful.


The store I wanted to hit was only about 7 blocks away and it took no time at all. Unfortunately they weren’t open yet. I waited around in falling snow for awhile. Two other people came and went. One waited with me for a bit, then gave up. I stayed a few moments longer, my glasses getting droplets of crisp new precipitation. Walked back and stopped at a store that was open. I had passed this place on my first round, but they were a bit smaller and their selection not quite as large as my original destination.


$3.59 for a gallon of milk. An actual cow might be cheaper in the long run, but I don’t think my landlord would approve. Being a corner store there was no hope of getting my preferred choices: Smart Balance, Lactaid or Almond Milk. Whole milk it shall be. In and out, back home. Entire journey took about 30 minutes. Not very exciting, but it jumpstarts my day.





WALKING DAY 18 December 19, 2010


MUSIC: “This Charming Life” – Joan Armatrading

            (Thank you @sutterink)



Short walk today; only out 45 minutes with one sitting break and a couple leaning against the street lamp things. Luckily it was early so nobody pulled up to the corner (“No strange man, I do not want a date!”)

Went in a totally opposite direction. Hit the edge of the city, near the entrance to the turnpike. Nice discovery – a 24-hour corner store. Really well stocked. Now I know where to go for a salt and vinegar chip crave at 4 in the morning. Heaven for a quarter.


(Not necessarily a good thing)







Happy Holidays … December 16, 2010

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Walking Day 15 & 16 December 10, 2010


Nothing much to report.


Monday (12/6)


Up early I walked 2 blocks to the bus stop, walked around the grocery store and came home. I was indoors most of the time, so nothing adventurous or noteworthy. Cold, cold, cold.


Tuesday (12/7)


Post Office for stamps and mailing of Xmas cards. I was outdoors for 95% percent of the adventure, about 1 ¼ hours total. The trip would have been shorter but I stopped for pics here and there. Not just cold – fucking cold. Dressed warmly. Even though I had gloves on my fingers were still numbed a bit. Maybe because I kept taking out the camera. Took a new route there and back, change of scenery. Found a cute little bagel place. Onion bagel with cream cheese and chives and Tropicana orange-pineapple juice. Carb city but haven’t had a bagel in forever.


Got back home, sore knees going up the front steps. Fooled around online. Been a computer-addicted log ever since. HATE THE COLD!!!


That is all.


Random Parting Thought



The Daily Hotness – Andrew Lincoln December 5, 2010

Andrew Lincoln on IMDB

The Walking Dead, tv series (IMDB)

The Walking Dead, tv series (wiki)

The Walking Dead, comic

Love Actually


WALKING DAY 13 – November 17, 2010

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MUSIC: “Turn the Page” – Bob Seger

     “Bird on a Wire” – Katey Sagal

“Blister in the Sun” – Violent Femmes



Got up, took meds. Had tiny headache on right side of head, nothing big. Took out the curlers, checked to see if it was raining, then threw on my walking outfit. Waited for some daylight to show, then hit the streets, camera in tow. 61 degrees, but felt a bit cooler. Streets wet, slight worry about slipping on all the leaves, tiny puddles are everywhere. Checking out the fall foliage – it’s gorgeous.


And -you guessed it – beaucoup random shots to uploaded to the photo blog) in the next few days.


Since it’s been awhile (again) since I’ve walked and I had pizza yesterday (and the day before) the body wanted to turn back, but the mind was stronger. A few yards along my back started hurting but I kept going. Walking, snapping shots. Thought I would make it a short walk, but I still managed to stay out almost an hour. Didn’t go up any steep inclines. Wasn’t inclined to. (Hah – see what I did there?)


Headache in right side was gone. Replaced by headache on left side. Also, experienced a bit of the dizzy. May just have to readdress this whole walking before eating thing. Or just walk later in the day. But knowing myself, if I don’t get up and out right away it probably ain’t gonna happen.


On the way back to the beginning (thank you, Vizzini!) chatted with a nice lady. We remarked on the beauty of the foliage and the early morning light. She mentioned that the park is beautiful at the first snow fall. She made me want to see it. When it actually hits – we’ll see if the boots go on.


Oh – I found my ankle weights, hand weights and the pedometer. I must be severely mechanically challenged because I can’t the pedometer to work. I followed the instructions (I swear!) but it won’t register my steps. No biggie. I’m going to start wearing the ankle and hand weights around the house to get used to them before taking them on the road.


Hand weights: 1 lb each.

Ankle weights: 4 lb 12 oz (made up of 5 individual, removable weights of 15 oz each)

Pedometer – pretty damn useless!


That’s all for now. Dr’s appointment later today. I would seriously cancel but I need updated scrips. Hopefully I can get out of there and be on the way home before all the darling little brats get out of school. I hate riding the bus with teenagers. They have no concept of “inside voice”. And yes, I realized that I am officially crotchety.





Would I survive a zombie attack? November 13, 2010

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You have a 31% chance of surviving a zombie outbreak


Sorry but you probably would end up being bitten and turned into a zombie before you could kill one.

Zombie Survival Test
Take More Quizzes


WALKING DAY 11 November 8, 2010

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Today has been fantastically awesome!!! Procrastinated last rainy Friday on going to the Post Office, so I went this morning. It was supposed to be sunny and bright. When I woke up it was a bit grey and they were predicting showers and I think somebody even mentioned hail. (no, not Jacob.) Got up, tweeted, showered, dressed, and ate. Booked out, took no camera *, just a straight shot over and down, hoping to beat the impending water storm there and back.


Walked out, not too cold & not as windy as when I woke up. Left the house at quarter to 9, got there at 9:03 – there were already 10 people in line in front of me. Line moved fairly smoothly until a logjam occurred in the personage of a woman with 2 bags full of packages and the shiniest, gaudiest Reynolds Wrap silver Luis Vuitton bag known to creation.


This would look great shredded as tinsel on a Christmas tree

or as reflecting tape on a cyclist.


A person with multiple questions and multiple packages can be a good thing, a bad thing, or a “so what, mind your damn business thing”. If they’re behind me – it’s a good thing. If they’re in front of me – it’s a bad thing. If it is me – it’s a “so what, mind your damn business” thing. Mind you this was her first trip. While waiting (and waiting, and waiting) I did what you’d normally do – struck up random conversation with the guy behind me and let my eyes wander. Usually the lighted sign above the Post Office counter list the prices and services available. They had updated the lighted signs above the counter. It just showed the services available with no prices. I found the price list – on a small sign waaay off to the side. Well, I guess it’s cheaper to do it that way when you raise the rates every 6 months for a semi-obsolete service.


After emptying her bags and getting more boxes from the clerk behind the counter she stated she’d be back alter with more. Thank goodness I had no other place to be and won’t have to come back later. Finally I the counter was in sight. I got my 2 little stamps, did my thing and left. I checked my phone – it was 9:23. 20 minutes for 2 stamps. The temperature had dropped and the wind had picked up considerably. Tiny droplets of rain began to hit. Walked onward, got blown up the sidewalk, and enjoyed the swirl of leaves in the air.


As I’m walking a car stops, window rolls down – “Kim?” It’s my dear friend Janice. We keep in touch through emails and occasional phone chats but haven’t physically been together in several years. She gets out of the car and we hug – a joyous reunion. Offers me a ride – I have no problem walking, but I’m definitely taking this opportunity to hang with her for the 5 minute ride back to my place. Crazy how things work out – if I hadn’t have waited until Monday to make my run, if I hadn’t gotten to the P.O. so early, if the woman with the aluminum foil bag hadn’t taken so long, if I hadn’t taken that way back home, I would not have been crossing the street at the exact time that my friend Janice was driving up.


We’re so busy catching up we take the wrong turn so she circles the block again. We park in front of my place for at least a half an hour updating each other on the various trials and tribulations of our lives. Failing memories and growing infirmities abound. I find out she’s on Facebook and vow to “friend” her. She promises to accept – as soon as she can get her grandkids to show her how to do it. J We kiss, hug, depart; each unspeakably energized by the uncommon random confluence of events of this grey, hail-filled (yes it’s hailing now!) day.

Happy Monday!


* Should have taken the camera. Saw some really cool phantom leaf impressions in the sidewalk. With today’s rain and hail I’m sure they’ll be gone. Then again – if I had stopped for pictures, I probably wouldn’t have run into Janice.

Louis Vuitton Alma MM Monogram Miroir
(retail $2,080)


ELECTION DAY/Walking Day 10 November 2, 2010


For the past two days I’ve been “off grid”. Well, not really – just haven’t turned on my computer since Saturday afternoon. Or evening. Or sometime.


I was headed to bed about midnight, Friday when I saw the siren call: come to church. Didn’t even have to think about it. I just signed in. For those of you that are unaware, church is The Watchers of Anarchy chat room. It’s open 24/7 for anyone who wants to congregate (virtually) with friends and family. There’s a weekly live streaming podcast in addition to the chat room. Come check us out http://watchersofanarchy.com/


Before you go calling Homeland Security, the Anarchy that we watch refers to the magnificent splendor that is Sons of Anarchy. Yes – a TV show. One to which we are devoted and absolutely rabid for. But anyway – so I went to church just as I was going to bed. A few people were there and we chatted up a storm. We don’t just talk about the show, either. The subject could be anything, and usually is. Even on specified live streaming podcast day. Ended up fading out with slitted eyes about 3 am. Even though I didn’t get up until about 12:30 or 1 pm I was still sleepy the whole day. The only productive things I accomplished were pissing, eating, napping and maybe a little tweeting.


Sunday I was still ragged and decided to opt for what I call a “bed day”. Stay in bed, remote in hand, performing only the most basic of functions. It felt weird to be totally in the real world, especially on #SonsSunday, but it was good. Then I did the same thing for Monday figuring Tuesday would be a long day and a late night. Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesday, at 10 pm, with replays at midnight and 1 am. Also, this Tuesday, (today), happens to be Election Day. I’ve been slacking off on a being a semi-responsible adult lately and totally neglected to mail in the application for my absentee/mail-in ballot. The game plan was to get there just after the polls opened at 6 & maaaaybe do a little walking after.


The polling place, an elementary school, is a block and a half away from my door, but in the 4 years I’ve been in this area I’ve only ever voted by mail. This would be the first time I actually stepped foot inside. As continual proof that everything happens for a reason, I ran into a woman I used to work with and haven’t seen in almost 5 years. We caught up for a few minutes, then I cast my votes.



(We now return you to the regularly scheduled ramblings)


Then I took my walk. Oh, btw, I forgot to mention – IT WAS 37 FREAKIN’ DEGREES OUT!! And STILL DARK! I went to the park – it’s fully lit and I ventured in. Saw maybe one or two other people. But they were running so if something jumped off they could get away and I’d be the only victim (Paranoid much, Kimmie?) It was a bit creepy but as I said it was fully lit so I walked for a bit, even took some really, really crappy dark photos. Only walked for about 25 minutes before deciding to come home to recover a normal body temp.


Walking up the block on the side of the school/polling place I debated whether or not to take a pic of the quarter moon and all of sudden – I felt myself trying to tap dance on concrete without my feet connecting. Then I started leaning to the left (DEMOCRATIC, BABY!!!!) yet trying to right myself, to no avail. I ended up down – half on the concrete and half on the little strip of grass between the sidewalk and the curb. I wasn’t hurt, just slightly disoriented and wondering what the hell I tripped over. From the little bit of light I could see there was a raise in the concrete and some sort of crappy patching. (Silly me, expecting a city sidewalk to be perfectly flat!)


Fortunately, because of my coat and abundant natural padding I wasn’t hurt, just shook up a bit. At this point I just wanted to get back home. This was just another little jolt to my early morning’s escapade. When I woke up and finally turned on the computer, I found out my checking account was overdrawn. Because I hadn’t been online due to being all shagged out (I wish!) I totally neglected to transfer some money and got hit with the fee. I hate when I get creamed (I wish!) for something that could have been avoided if I hadn’t been slacking off. And it’s only November 2.


The moral(s) of this lengthy ramble?

  • Vote
  • Go to bed when you’re sleepy
  • Don’t slack off on basic responsibilities, it’ll bite you in the ass later
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Wait until it’s daylight to go for a walk


And, most importantly –


Tuesday 10pm on FX





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