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All About Audra June 10, 2012



Tonight The American Theatre Wing will present the 66th annual Tony Awards®. I know there are scads of nominees but I’m really looking forward to seeing Audra McDonald. Win; I want to see her win. The woman is an artistically gifted badass. Every featured role she’s had on Broadway has been nominated for a Tony. And she’s won. Every. Single. Time. She has 4 statues so far. Tony’s anyway. I’m not even gonna go into the Drama Desk Awards, and, um, oh yeah a freakin’ Grammy! (Yeah, yeah, yeah Milli Vanilli got a Grammy too. Just shut your trap, ok? Audra won for Opera. Ha!!)


So anyway back to the award collecting badass that is Ms. McDonald. Acting, Singing, Opera, Cabaret, Broadway, Television, Film, highly regarded by her peers (does she really have any?) and fans alike. Not only is she gifted, but she’s also on the verge of making Broadway history. When she wins (not if, but when) she’ll be tied with Angela Lansbury and Julie Harris for the most wins by an actress. She would also be the first African-American actress to win five Tony’s.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



A Return Home to Family and Stage

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The Power of Tim Curry (Water Sports) June 9, 2012


It’s amazing that one person can inspire such drastically different reactions in me. This person? Tim Curry.


As Dr. Frank N Furter – totally turns me on.







But, as Pennywise the Clown – he scares the living crap out of me!


THIS is the stuff of extreme nightmares. And daymares.


So, I guess you could say:


Tim Curry makes me wet myself in two
totally different ways



The Daily Hotness – Chuck Hughes January 9, 2012




Chuck Hughes at wiki

Chuck Hughes at Cooking Channel

Official website

Garde Manger

Le Bremner

Chuck Hughes becomes …

Cooking Channel chef Chuck Hughes …



Dear Juicy: October 15, 2011



Juice, baby, – wtf are you doing?



Did you forget this:



“Blood family, your hometown – all that shit moves back a row.”


“Once you’re patched, the members are your family, this charter is your home.”


You know who said this? You did Juicy. Juan Carlos “Juice” Ortiz!!! What the fuck are you thinking?


You’re gonna end up buried in a ditch somewhere, and you’re already digging it yourself.



Amazing ep of “Homicide” – Andre Braugher & Vincent D’Onofrio September 11, 2011









Today in 1966 Star Trek premiered on NBC September 8, 2011

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Star Trek on IMBD

Star Trek on wiki

Star Trek Home Page



Can’t Wait … August 30, 2011

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Here’s the complete extended promo:




Hurry Up and Get Here!!!!! August 29, 2011

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Sons of Anarchy – Season 4 Promo August 13, 2011

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Watching this now.

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