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Nigeria Female Genital Mutilation Outlawed August 8, 2015

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Nigeria Female Genital Mutilation Outlawed.


It’s not about “tradition” … November 2, 2014




Cover Battle – “Thankgiving Song” and “The Chanukkah Song” November 29, 2013


In keeping the strange quirk of having Thanksgiving (being later than usual this year) and the first full day of Hanukkah (being earlier than usual this year) fall on the same day I decided to stay with the holiday theme. Being a chick with a strange quirk all her own, when I think of these 2 holidays who should come to mind but Adam Sandler. (Just go with me on this, okay?)


In his years on Saturday Night Live, Adam created many characters and funny skits. Some of his most fun things came when he brought out his guitar. In separate instances he came up with two classic humorous holiday gems: “The Thanksgiving Song” and “The Chanukkah Song“. Unfortunately, I could not find any covers out there for “The Thanksgiving Song” so it will have to stand on its own. Enjoy.


I remember Adam’s Chanukkah song from the SNL broadcast, in 1994. It had me rolling. It’s stupid and cute and adorable and a bit inappropriate in parts. I still hear it and laugh, mostly. (The part about Mike Tyson, at 2:16, obliquely referencing Desiree Washington is, admittedly, a bit cringe-worthy for those old enough to remember).

Since it first came out Adam’s actually done a couple of updates, referencing different Jewish celebrities. A huge part of enjoying the song is Sandler’s boyish, fun, almost childlike enthusiasm and gusto when performing this piece.


Neil Diamond performed the song on his 2009 Christmas album, using the listing from Sandler’s original composition, but changing the lyric about Tom Cruise from “I hear his agent is” to “but Jesus Christ is”. Diamond has fun with the song, but of course, it doesn’t sound as off-the-cuff and improvisational as Sandler’s renditions do. I enjoy it, it makes me smile, but not shake my head and laugh like Adam’s does.


There’s a recent version done by the group Haim. It’s very faithful to the fun, gregarious spirit of Sandler. I’m kind of impressed.




Not the Life I Ordered….: My thoughts on Paula Deen June 27, 2013

A really good take on the PD thing from my friend Sue Rock


Not the Life I Ordered….: My thoughts on Paula Deen.


It is 2013, right? April 30, 2013


*Today’s NaPoWriMo poem was inspired by the following situation:


On Saturday, April 27, 2013 held its first integrated prom. Not the first prom ever; apparently they’ve done prom for years. First integrated prom. Ever. Up until then there was a black prom and a white prom. The kids all attend school together, but you know prom just has to be separate because, well, um … you know … um, er …




Actually one City Council member said the separation had nothing to do with race; it was based on different tastes in music and dance. Um, yeah right.






Since the proms weren’t actually segregated by the school, nobody’s breaking the law. What law, you ask? You know that little teeny tiny insignificant Brown v. Board of Ed thingy. I mean, my gosh that whole “separate but equal” kerfuffle is from ages ago. Who the hell can remember any of that?


The proms have been privately sponsored by parents, by invitation only. Now apparently the black prom was open to everybody but the paleface version was not. But you know, tradition and all. Tradition.


And different dancing styles. Nope – still not buying it.



bullshit (2)


Integrated Prom In Wilcox County In Georgia Deemed A Success (VIDEO)

A Racial Divide Closes as Students Step Up

‘White’ prom still takes place in Wilcox County

Black prom; white prom

Prom Night in Mississippi on wiki

Lifetime TV’s For One Night: Do segregrated proms still really exist?

Separate but equal on wiki

Separate But Equal?: The Road to Brown

Brown v. Board of Education on wiki

Civil Rights Act of 1964



It’s all about love April 27, 2013



Natasha Frost, Minnesota Bride, Passes Bouquet To Gay Sister In Gesture For Marriage Equality



Breaking News March 12, 2013


Halfway through watching The View and they interrupt with “Breaking News”. Now 5 minutes earlier there was a news crawl at the bottom of the screen saying the “cannibal cop” had been convicted, so my first thought was “oh no, what now? (Actually that’s always my thought when I see “Breaking News”).


Well, what was this incredibly crucial “Breaking News” that we just had to know RIGHT NOW?





The papal conclave was happening, live!


Um … yeah, and? They hadn’t even voted yet. These things generally take awhile. Seriously – if there’s no white smoke, then there’s nothing “breaking” about this. They’re probably just sitting around drinking wine, making ecclesiastical trash talk and playing dominoes!





Anyway, in order to feel like you’re part of the experience (hey – why not?) while we’re waiting for the holy enchanted magic puff puffs enjoy these sites I happened to found: Adopt a Cardinal and Fantasy Conclave.


Yeah – these are real sites, people.




I can’t cry enough over this … February 21, 2013


Why do we do this to another person? Why do we come up with ways to damage each other and destroy each others’ souls? This post probably won’t even be that coherent but I don’t even care. I just need to get this shit out of my head.


What brings me to this is reading an article about breast ironing. Yes. Ironing. Of. The. Breasts.


I don’t even know where to begin with this. I had heard about female genital mutilation, or female circumcision. It’s an appalling “custom”, “tradition” whatever the hell you want to call it. Its purpose is, supposedly, to remove any chance of sexual pleasure from a female, since it involves removal of the clitoris (clitoridectomy) and sometimes parts of the inner and outer labia, as well.


The girl is able to menstruate and urinate. It’s believed this will ensure a girls virginity, if she has no capacity for pleasure. Some say it’s for health reasons. I say it’s just another form of abuse and domination. Yet it’s performed by young girls, not by men, but by their own female relatives. Usually mothers and grandmothers, just as it was done to them.


I can’t really write more about this because it makes me squeamish and ill. Right now I’m literally squeezing my legs shut, the way you, comically, see a man tense up when a guy gets kicked in the nuts in a movie.


But this Cameroon breast ironing thing? I didn’t even know such a thing happened. I know sometimes you might wrap a girl’s breasts but physically applying heated stones to a growing child to slow down breast develop and help stave off possible sexual assault?!?!? For her own good?!?!? What the bloody fuck?!??! And again, it’s carried out, in secret, by women, against their own daughters and granddaughters.


Of course I sit here at my computer with my first world privilege and attitudes and decry the barbarism of this practice. I mean, how could I possibly understand – it’s not my culture. It’s not my country. It’s not my tradition.


Well fuck your goddamn tradition and your culture


How can physically damaging someone who you’re supposed to protect and emotionally destroying them, on purpose, ever be for their own good. It’s evil and cruel and sick and twisted and just plain, fucking wrong.


Hey, I’ve got a really great fucking idea: how about educating men and boys about fucking RESPECT and making the very idea of rape and abuse absolutely abhorrent. Ever think of that? Of course not – it’s always the women who have to pay.


Is it jealousy? Because we can bring forth life? Is it fear? Because we have the strength of the world within us and we’ve proven we can endure so much shit, so what the hell? Let’s shit on us some more?


And then somehow you bring us down so much that we believe that we’re not worthy of basic human decency. We convince ourselves it’s okay to destroy our sisters because we’re women, we don’t matter?


Sometimes I really fucking hate man (and woman) kind.



An activist fights breast ironing, a ritual mutilation practice of girls in Cameroon

Breast Ironing

Foot Binding

Violence Against Women

Rep. John Duncan Claims Violence Against Women Is Bad Because Women Are Weak

Vibrators and Clitoridectomies: …

Pain Cake


Radical Thinking February 15, 2013

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(Source: Americans Against the Tea Party on FB)



Twas the night before Christmas – biker edition … December 24, 2010

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Read the original here


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