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The “other” Jersey Girls April 23, 2011

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The first version, the only version of this song I ever knew, was the Springsteen version.






Then I “discovered” Holly Cole’s reinterpretation and loved it even more than the original. I knew this was originally a Tom Waits song, but I had never heard his rendition.




I tried to listen to it – just couldn’t get through

more than a minute of it.


Oh – and there’s a servicable, perfectly fine Bon Jovi version as well.






(I still think Holly does it best, though)



The Daily Hotness – Tom Hardy April 7, 2011

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Tom Hardy on IMDB

Tom Hardy on wiki

A tough life for Bronson actor Tom Hardy

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Mad Max’ Speaks! ‘Bronson’ Star Tom Hardy On His Coming Game-Changer

Tom Hardy Joins Batman 3 Cast; Fury Road Delayed

‘I want adulation’

Now Tom Hardy’s Saying This Means War

The Dark Knight Rises

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Star Trek: Nemesis

Black Hawk Down



Wuthering Heights



Band of Brothers

Sucker Punch

Stuart: A Life Backwards

w Delta z

Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Layer Cake


The Daily Hotness – Tom Selleck December 29, 2010

Tom Selleck at IMDB

Tom Selleck at wiki

Blue Bloods

Las Vegas

Magnum, P.I.

3 Men and a Baby


The Rockford Files

The Shadow Riders

In and Out

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Meet the Robinsons

Ike: Countdown to D-Day

Crossfire Trail


The Closer

Quigley Down Under

Myra Breckinridge

The Young and the Restless

Marcus Welby, M.D.

California Army National Guard

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund



This still mesmerizes me … December 5, 2010


I’ve looked at this at least 10 times and it still blows me away. Someone sent it out via twitter referencing just the Prince guitar riffs, but when I brought it up I saw Tom Perry, and later Jeff Lynne and Mark Knopfler. Very impressive.


The best part of me is checking out the young man just behind Tom Petty. As soon I saw him I was like “whoa – that kid has to be related to George Harrison”. It’s his son, Dhani, who’s the spitting image of him. I love seeing him playing his dad’s music with all these icons and his absolute joy on stage. It kind of gives me chills, in a good way.



Happy Birthday Mark Twain December 2, 2010

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Mark Twain at wikipedia

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer



This blows me away … November 28, 2010

Check out George Harrison’s son Dhani behind Tom Petty. He’s the spitting image of his dad


Mark Twain’s autobiography finally ready for publication – 100 years later November 12, 2010

Original article

Mark Twain on wikipedia

PBS interactive Mark Twain scrapbook

L.A. Times book review

Mark Twain on Amazon


You gotta love public transportation … October 29, 2010


Drunken misunderstanding gets out of control on bus.



Epic Beard Man’s Side



“Victim’s” side



The Daily Hotness- Jesse L. Martin October 16, 2010

Jesse Martin at IMDB.com


Robbie Williams – who knew? October 7, 2010