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Life’s That Way by Jim Beaver – Review July 29, 2010

How do you recommend a book that details one man’s gut-wrenching experience in grief and loss? Whole-heartedly, unreservedly.


After years of trying, Jim Beaver, actor and film historian and his wife Cecily, are blessed with a beautiful daughter. Soon after learning their young daughter Madeline is autistic, Cecily is diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. “Life’s That Way” is presented, as it happened, in a series of emotional posts to friends, family and eventually, a multitude on concerned and engrossed strangers, about the initial diagnosis, treatment and untimely death of his beloved wife, Cecily Adams, to lung cancer.


I was a little nervous reading this – I thought it would just be too sad, depressing and personal to read about a dying woman. I was wrong. There is of course, great sadness – in the passing of one so young, one so loved and giving. But this book is one of the most beautiful, loving and ultimately uplifting ‘stories’ I’ve ever been honored enough to know of.


Mr. Beaver’s bracing honesty and raw emotion will make you cry. But you’ll also learn and laugh and marvel at the beauty of this love story between Jim, his wife and beautiful daughter Madeline Rose.

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