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Vicki Abelson: Valerie Harper ~ The Will And Grace June 12, 2013

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Vicki Abelson: Valerie Harper ~ The Will And Grace.


Proverb April 25, 2012

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Splurge … February 11, 2011

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I treated myself yesterday. I’m so sick of living in a constant state of lack that I decided to splurge. I bought a strawberry Nutrigrain bar, a peanut butter granola bar, a bottle of iced tea, the current issue of Rolling Stone (Elton John on the cover!) and a bottle of cheap nail polish. Fabulous-looking polish, but still just $.99. Polish doesn’t stay on me long anyway, so anything pricier would be a total waste.


Since it came to just under $10 it wasn’t a big splurge but it made me feel good. Sometimes it can take so little to perk up a wounded spirit. This time it was a few simple drugstore items. But just a word, or a smile, or that rarest of things, common courtesy, can brighten your outlook, even if only for a few moments.



See? Told you it was fabulous.

Officially it’s Wet ‘n Wild Wild Shine #412A,

but I like to think of it as

“Saucy Wench”





The deadline for this year is December 10th. Unfortunately, if your cards are not postmarked by December 10th they cannot be delivered.




Red Cross Holiday Mail For Heroes


Emma Goldman on Love …


Rescued Chilean miner Edison Pena to run NYC Marathon today November 7, 2010

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Original NY Post article

Chilean mining accident

New York City Marathon


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