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#AmericanHorrorStory #HouseCall October 6, 2011



Video Gallery: The Best Of ‘American Horror Story House Calls’

Get your own ‘House Call’



Happy Birthday Stephen King September 21, 2011


Thanks for invading my nightmares, Mr. King. Thanks a lot. (You too, Mr. Curry aka Pennywise)






Stephen King on IMDB

Stephen King on wiki

The Official Website

Richard Bachman (pseudonym) on wiki

Television Impaired ***

Stephen King quotes

The Stephen King Store at amazon

Heroes for Hope: Starring the X-Men

The Dark Tower (series)

Michael Jackson’s Ghosts

Sons of Anarchy

Kingdom Hospital

Rose Red



The Stand


Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters

Bram Stoker Award

***King’s Entertainment Weekly column in which he called Glen Beck “Satan’s mentally challenged younger brother”. (Bill O’Reilly’s the older one)



Countdown to Halloween October 18, 2010

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Check out AMC’s FearFest 2010


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