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“Justified” Mini Rant March 9, 2014


Finally caught up with this week’s Justified. I think I’m getting close to the point of not giving a hoot. (And there’s still one last season to go.) The only thing that held my interest was having William Forsythe show up. Unfortunately it looks like that might be a one-off.


I can honestly say I don’t give a crap about Kendall Crowe, or his stupid trashy, murderous, parentally-challenged redneck family. While it’s laudable that Raylan keeps trying to save kids (plot repetition), but how about investing some time in your own? The first ep of the season he was down in Florida, in the same state as his baby daughter and didn’t go see her. He called his ex to say he was away on business and couldn’t make it down there. Really, Marshall Givens?!


Then he wins some money in a radio contest, but he ends up giving the money to the redneck kid. And you know it’s bad when your non-charismatic booty call of the season is smart enough to break up with you.


Was there even a point to this one? It was like one of those extended SOA episodes with too much filler.


I swear the only one I really care about this season is Ava. Even Boyd seems to have lost his spark.





Badass September 9, 2012

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