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Dear lady at the DMV April 24, 2015


Dear lady at the DMV: Sometimes it’s not racism.


If there’s a discrepancy between your documents, and they question that?

      – it’s not racism


If the passport office in NY state accepted it, but the State of NJ doesn’t?

       – it’s not racism


If the name on the card you’re presenting for ID, doesn’t exactly match your birth certificate?

       – it’s not racism


If your birth certificate says “Shelly” and you happen to go by “Shelley”, just because (!), without getting a legal name change and they don’t take it?

       – it’s not racism


If the person at the counter keeps sending you to the supervisor because your shite’s not in order?

      – it’s not racism


Look – it’s the DMV (Sorry – Motor Vehicle Commission). You know it’s gonna be long and tedious and annoying. But if your paperwork is not on point and somebody previously decided to let it go, it doesn’t obligate them to do the same.


Be annoyed. Be angry. Be frustrated. Hell write a letter or a scathing blog post.


But –


1) Don’t touch any of the employees. Even though it wasn’t done violently (hand on the shoulder) – technically that’s assault. Which the officer told you when he was walking up. (The same officer you challenged earlier when he said it’s too crowded, some of you have to wait outside ‘til I call you.)


and –


2) Don’t call it racism, when it’s not. (Especially when 30 seconds ago you were complaining loudly about “foreigners who can’t speak English”)



Back in Black – Black Friday (The Daily Show) November 21, 2014




Rant – Clean your stoop – pt 2 February 4, 2014


Well, looky looky.







The stairs are clean. Kinda.


I guess if you speak your thoughts out loud to the universe things do happen. Sort of.



Craving and Willpower (Rant) November 30, 2013

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Does access make you want something more, or is it absence?


I have 3 pints of the most wonderful substance (well, one of them anyway) in my freezer: talenti gelato.


I ate breakfast about an hour and a half ago and now I’m thinking about the gelato. Because it’s here. And it’s good. Better than good, it’s …. heaven in your mouth. But mainly ‘cuz it’s here. If it wasn’t here I wouldn’t think about it. Not too much, anyway. I’d still want it, or think about it, but right now I’m keenly aware of its presence and ready availability. If it wasn’t in the house I think the wanting would be deeper because more steps (that I wouldn’t take) would be needed to acquire it: throw on shoes, put on a coat, get my bag together, call a cab (I could get the bus, but then that involves walking a coupla blocks, waiting around in cold weather, stopping at every other corner, walking a coupla more blocks, then doing it in reverse to get home and eat it), get the stuff, call another cab (I didn’t take the bus there, I’m certainly not taking the bus home!) Then eat it.


Not to mention the money spent on the cab. If it’s not in the house and it can’t be delivered then I would just live with the wanting and the craving. But I don’t have to. ‘Cuz it’s here. Just a few steps away.


So what’s better – to have it at hand, on the brain and need to randomly distract myself from the temptation or just leave it at the store and drive myself mad with the depth of longing?




Yes, I started with 5. So, what’s your point?

(This was from much, much earlier in the week, so that’s why I’m down to 3)




Pay your postage people (rant) August 9, 2013

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So, I get a little slip in my mailbox, from the Post Office. (Well who else would it be from, Kimmie? Duh!)


It’s the familiar pale orange and black package/certified mail etc slip. Hmm – I thought Publisher’s Clearing House came in person, but maybe they’re going under the radar lately, who knows?


It’s boldly stamped “FINAL NOTICE” and the “Postage Due” box is checked, indicating I was apparently deficient by $.85 for a mailing.



First of all – how do I get a “FINAL NOTICE” if I don’t remember receiving a prior notice? Secondly – the only thing I’ve physically mailed out was about a month ago. Shouldn’t it have come back sooner? Also, the paperwork I mailed out was only a few sheets and I know it got to where it was going. So what the heck is coming back?


The original delivery date was 8/7 and the date scheduled for the item’s return to sender was 8/17. Fortunately due to the modern efficient running of the USPS I was able to go online and schedule this thing for redelivery, today, Friday 8/9. Much easier than trekking down to the gloomy old main Post Office.


Trust me. It’s gloomy in there.


So I’m waiting and waiting to hear the mail guy (or gal) come ’round. When he comes I give him his due:




I peel back the RTS label to see what the heck I mailed out and get confused. I’m pretty sure I didn’t mail this out recently. After opening it up and checking the paperwork I see that I originally filled this stuff out sometime in October!


Even I can’t procrastinate this much



I know I mailed this stuff out like, oh, I don’t know – last year! What the hell USPS? 10 months later I get this notice? Hell the price of stamps was even different back then. (I wonder if the postage due is $.85 based on 2012 prices or 2013 prices?) Where the heck has the mailing been all this time? Oh and remember how I said I don’t remember receiving a prior notice? Well, that’s ‘cuz I didn’t. The only dates noted on the envelope are the original date when they tried to deliver it to me (8/7) and the date when they would return it (8/17).


See – no sign of prior delivery attempts whatsoever



So totally forget what I said about the efficient running of the post office. I mean, I’m still a fan of the postal service. My dad was a mailman. A former boyfriend — (on second thought, let’s not even go there). In the summertime, when they wear their shorts some of them have really cute legs. But this is just utterly ridiculous. Not even some sort of letter of apology for the delay. (Yeah, yeah, yeah – if I had put on the proper postage this wouldn’t have been a problem) This is nuts, though. Really, really kinda nuts.



Grocery Rant July 22, 2013


I love the convenience of grocery shopping online and having them deliver it. Especially in hot sticky summer months. And frankly the shopping and delivery charge is only a few bucks more than if I took a cab to the bank, then to the store, ran over a few people with my cart, then got a cab to bring me home. With a driver who may or may not actually help me carry the bags up the front steps.


Most of the time if they’re out of what I ordered, they’ll call me and ask if I want substitutions based on what they do have in stock. Sure every once in a while they’ll get something really wrong. Like one time I asked for a pound of radishes and I got a rutabaga. One radish is about the size of a cherry tomato and weighs a few ounces. One rutabaga weighs easily over a pound and is the size of a softball.




Yes, they both start with “r”, but how do you mistake these two?



Also, you’re trusting other people to pick out your meat selections, choices that you might have perused and passed by. But for the most part it’s a very convenient well-run service.


Today the shopper called me (and they’re always really sweet and pleasant) with a loooooooong list of out of stock stuff. So we went over things; I authorized some substitutions then told her to just take some stuff off the list (my ice cream wasn’t there – didn’t really need them anyway).


So I’m anxiously awaiting my little goodies. They get here about 12:15 (there’s a 2 hr delivery window so this was perfectly within the timeframe I requested – 11 -1). I sign for my stuff and start unpacking. Hmm … I see a couple of things that look unfamiliar.


Okay – different paper towel brand – same size and price, so no biggie. The meat looks good. Here are my eggs, fruit, my pasta. Ooh – a free sample of — iced coffee. I don’t drink coffee but it was still nice. (The shopper told me she felt so bad because so many of the things I ordered were actually out of stock. See – just like I said – pleasant and sweet people)


Then I start noticing a couple of glaring things that didn’t quite make it. Like milk.


Mmmm, creamy


So now what do I do with this:



I am not washing these down with iced coffee!


And the 2 12 packs of kaiser rolls I ordered? Nowhere in sight. Well, actually I did get the kaiser rolls. 2 of them.


I guess 2 rolls in a bakery bag is better than

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag



2 rolls vs. 24 rolls? That’s a bit of a difference. I really wished she had mentioned that so I could have suggested other rolls or a loaf of bread or something. I also wish she had told me about the milk. Now I’m slightly annoyed. And milkless. I like to do all the shopping for the month in one order. So now I’ll have to make a special trip to the store anyway to get my missing stuff.



Le sigh


And I may just possibly probably most likely could end up getting some form of ice cream.





Laughing my ass off – Seriously I can’t sit down now ‘cuz I have no ass June 11, 2013




Random Thoughts: To Be (Offended) or not To Be May 22, 2013


Imagine going to Walmart and by the time you get back home there’re cops surrounding your house charging you with kidnapping?


Well, that’s not exactly what happened to a Virginia man and his wife recently. I mean – the house wasn’t surrounded or anything but the rest was kind of what occurred.


You can read the full story here, but the short version is Joseph took his little girls to the store, left, buckled them into the car and went to pick up his wife. Walmart security called the cops saying this guy is in the parking lot with three little girls and I think there might be a kidnapping going on because a “customer” said they didn’t “match up”.


Oh yeah – Joseph is white and his kids are black. Actually biracial.


I’m of two minds on this. The parents were, understandably, pissed off and I totally get it. As an interracial couple you probably get subjected to the ignorant and the idiotic staring at you as some sort of circus novelty or in some case an outright abomination.


But … but – I immediately flashed to two thoughts: one was the recent case of the two women who were recently rescued 10 years after their initial kidnapping. What if other people saw something off, but didn’t feel comfortable saying anything, so they let it go? The other thing I flashed to was one of those ABC Primetime: What Would You Do? specials I had seen years ago involving interracial parents and how bystanders would respond to their setup.


The show set up a two restaurant scenarios, featuring three actors: two adult males (one as a father, one as a server) and one female child. In the first scenario the father was black and the daughter was white, while in the second scenario the races were reversed. The server, a white male, was the same in each case.


In both scenarios the white server questioned whether the adult was actually the father of the child he was with. Both fathers were loving with the child actresses and the children looked like they were enjoying themselves. However, after the server questioned the white father he was instructed to get angry with the server.


Several on looking patrons admonished the waiter when he spoke with the black father, but with the white father they contacted 911. The 911 calls were done because of the intense manner of the adult father and their concern for the child. With the black father, one patron, who was offended by the waiter, reasoned with the father to put the offense aside and think that perhaps if it was another man with his child could his child be helped by the waiter’s inquiries? Basically – better safe than sorry and better to err on the side of caution.




With so much craziness going on in the world we keep hearing a phrase that was brought up a lot after 9/11: If you see something say something. Even though the phrase came about in regard to suspicious packages and terrorism, it can apply to anything.


Everyday there are Amber Alerts, people go missing, and massive shadiness happening in all ways. It doesn’t feel good to be accused of something you didn’t do, something that’s not in your character. Knowing that, frankly, it’s probably is coming from a place of prejudice is offensive and makes you angry. After years of it you become defiant. But I think also think when it happens you just have to take a couple of breaths and tamp down the ire. Be better than your accuser who actually may just be looking out for the welfare of the another human being.


I just wish we didn’t still have people who think that darker skin makes you less than a person. I wish that we didn’t have the hatred we sometimes have for each other. I just wish we could disagree about stuff without foaming at the mouth. I wish people didn’t just give into their baser instincts and take advantage of and do bad things to each other because they feel superior or they can get away with it, which they often can. Hell – a successful reality TV career is practically based on massive rewards for bad behavior.


I just wish people could be nice and decent and honest and fair. But ya’ll know I’m being delusional, right?



Meaningless Mini-Rant April 28, 2013

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Actual Twitter convo:



Ah, Donald – classy as ever. If I were Mr. Bradley’s girlfriend I might be somewhat less than thrilled with my guy’s weak ass response. Am I being too sensitive? I don’t think so. Trump could have just said “Thanks for your support. Maybe you can convince your gf someday” but no, he always has to go for a cheap shot.


My opinion: (not that it matters in this situation but I’m gonna rant a little anyway) David should have told him “hey, that was just unnecessary and uncalled for and really rude and insulting” or some other sort of admonishment. But then Trump would probably start a flame war like the tacky petulant jackass he is.







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