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Slaying the “PROCRASTINATION” dragon ” By Jackie October 21, 2014

Slaying the “PROCRASTINATION” dragon ” By Jackie.


How to Stop Procrastinating | The Chopra Center August 27, 2014

How to Stop Procrastinating | The Chopra Center.


At least I’m good at something …? March 30, 2013

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See – online Scrabble is very educational! January 2, 2011

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Recipes I’ve Never Made: Watermelon Sorbet December 17, 2010

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I was rooting around my kitchen cabinet for something to munch on and came upon this:



Grenadine. A staple at fine (and possibly not so fine) drinking establishments all over the globe. (Maybe. Who knows. I don’t really drink. Or travel internationally.) The label says “Rose’s Grenadine. Rose’s products are used around the world (see? I was right) to add a special flavor to food and drink.

Why is there a bottle of this stuff tucked far, far back in the cabinet, unopened? Well – I like to watch cooking shows. Most of the recipes I’ll will never even attempt but occasionally I get ambitious and think – “Hey – that seems simple, tasty, and oh so fun to make. I think I shall try that.” So you track down the recipe online, add the ingredients to your next shopping list and … never make the recipe. This is what happened with the watermelon sorbet, from Pat and Gina Neely of The Food Network.

Neely’s Watermelon Sorbet



Pat and Gina Neely own a barbecue restaurant in Memphis and their show features much more than barbecue. They’re totally in love and ridiculously sweet and cute together.

Pat and Gina Neely at The Food Network


So anyway, the ingredients are very basic. Except for the grenadine. And the mint leaves. And maybe the 3 lb seedless watermelon, depending on the season and stock boys at your particular market. So I actually got everything to make this. But it’s like when you cook a bunch of food you have no appetite for it. When you bring home a bunch of stuff, all of sudden you don’t want to eat it anymore. Or at that time. So, the mint leaves just sat there. The watermelon was tasty – half of it got eaten, and half got tossed. And the grenadine got relegated to the back of the closet.


Every so often I would get a glimpse of this candy colored liquid in there and think, “hmmm, I should make that sorbet”. Well – it’s December. Sorbet will not be made any time soon. Maybe it’s time to look up some more recipes online. Recipes that call for grenadine. Recipes that I can actually use in the winter time. I don’t even know what this stuff tastes like. There’s no expiration date on the bottle, so I suspect it’ll keep until watermelons come back in season. (How the heck would I even know if the grenadine goes bad?).

But I am determined – I will make that watermelon sorbet, sometime before I die, so help me God!


Creative honesty August 24, 2010

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But the true revolutionaries – the filmmaking talents that make waves are the ones who create their own structure, their own rules. I want to make films that must be made. I want to be honest, stop procrastinating and never be paralyzed by inaction.

            Nikyatu Jusu,

dir Say Grace Before Drowning


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