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NO POWER September 14, 2010

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I woke up to no power. No clock on the cable or microwave. “Damn!” I checked the hallway. Nope – not just me. Fortunately the “EXIT” sign was still fully-powered. (Um – we live here. We already know how to leave the building!)


I checked my fridge. Everything was out. The cold pizza was still cold so this had to be a fairly recent occurrence. My phone is cordless so once the power is out it’s useless… Cell phone – didn’t throw on minutes this month. No one I really needed to talk to that badly. Until now. I turned on the cell anyway to get the time. It was 7:09 so fortunately there was light.


I threw some clothes on, grabbed my keys and went outside. Apparently it’s not just my building. Looks like the whole block.


We had no traffic lights so people had to rely on the age old dilemma – “What do you do when you come to a 4-way stop? One block up had traffic lights and so did one block down. This should be interesting, to say the least. These people barely pay attention when there’s a traffic light working.


I couldn’t even sit on the stoop since it had poured last night so I came back inside. With no electric there were no distractions (TWITTER!!!!) I couldn’t do anything but sit and … sit some more.


I decided to be minimally productive – I gathered up my garbage and the recycling and took it out back. Woo-hoo. Something accomplished. I decided to come in and write about it. Ooh- writing. Something creative and productive. But with no power I was forced to do it longhand.


The actual writing is not the problem. It’s the reading it back later. I write like a doctor on acid.



Okay – this is no longer an annoying little situation. It’s a pain in my ass! Somebody do something.



WE GOT POWER!!!! All is right with the world. Well not really, but at least I can see shit. And tweet about it!!




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