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Happy Birthday Christian Bale January 31, 2011

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Just so you know … January 17, 2011

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Waiting for season 4 … December 1, 2010

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Hee-hee … November 7, 2010

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RANDOM MEMORY October 3, 2010




This afternoon I caught the episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” where she meets her freshman college roommate for the first time, and swears the girl is a demon.


My freshman year I was assigned a roommate, like everyone else in the dorm. I arrived first, unpacked and started my college career. The girl never came. (I don’t even remember what her name was). I was secretly happy. Hopefully, they’d let me stay there all term BY MYSELF. But, it was not to be. After living there and getting acclimated to college life for about two weeks, I was informed by the R.A. that since my roommate never showed up, they would be consolidating me in with another girl who’s roommate didn’t show either. Having never lived with anyone in the same bedroom (save for a half-sister who moved in with us for a couple of months) I was, of course, disappointed, but I sucked it up and moved my crap down the hall.


The girl’s name was Kathy. She seemed nice enough, up front, but she was weird. (Okay, I know I’m weird too but, really – she was weird). Maybe not weird, just goofy and nerdy (Again, I can be goofy and nerdy, too, but … anyway).


She kept food in her drawer. Stinky food, that got moldy. (She was a little nasty.) She had a boyfriend who lived in our building one floor up. (We were in the basement – we got a lovely view of feet every day.) Of course, they were in love. (Ugh!) and wanted to spend all their time together. Me, being an antisocial hermit, basically just hung out in the room. He had a roommate so they certainly couldn’t hang in Jeff’s room. Jeff would always try to get me to leave, and even tried to block me from coming in a couple of times. FAIL!!


One day we had a huge blowout which ended in her leaving to go home for a few hours. (She was from the city we were in; my home was over 450 miles away). I was still pissed, so after she left, I took her mattress off the bed, sheets and all, and put it in the hallway.


She came back a few hours later, retrieved the mattress and we didn’t speak for a few days afterward unless it was absolutely necessary. We were never buddy-buddy but we both survived until the end of the term.


That’s when I realized I truly did not play well with others. From then on I had a single room.



Good times, good times.




Random Parting Thought




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