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Pork Belly August 28, 2013

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Okay. So I was just traumatized … by my breakfast. Here’s what happened:


I always see these different, fancy schmancy ingredients on cooking shows. Some of them look good, and interesting. And some of them, do not. (I’m looking at you geoduck and goat brains!).


I’d seen pork belly used lots of times; as a bacon-like addition or mostly as a main entree. I only remember seeing it as a big rectangular slab.


Well, I finally got some from the store. It was packaged a bit differently – like two long super duper thick bacon-strip looking hunks, but okay I can work with it.


Today I decided to use it. Nothing fancy, mind you, just cutting it into something manageable, frying it up and having it with eggs and toast. I was actually looking forward to it.


I open the package to see how to handle it and I notice … something. On the edge.


Um, what is that nubby little thing?



No. It can’t be, could it?


Yes – it’s a nipple! Take a closer look.


There’s a nipple. On my food.




Upon closer examination I saw that there were actually 2 nipples on there. I thought, um, okay, I’ll just use the other piece in the package or I can just cut off the nipple edge and still use it. But nope. Nope, nope, nope.


I know pork comes from a pig. And I know it’s pork belly, but you just … don’t expect to see a nipple on your breakfast meat. I am not eating that. I can’t. I really … I just … I can’t. I can’t do it. It’s just — ewwwwwww.


I feel stupid and bad for wasting food, ‘cuz there are starving people … everywhere, but … not doing it. Not even willing to touch it anymore. No. No. No.

Okay … maybe.

Oh, I don’t know. It’s in my freezer, so it might make it into a hot pan. Eventually. But right now it’s still skeeving me out. In the end I just pan-fried some turkey pastrami instead and made an egg sandwich.


Do I think this will turn me into a vegetarian? No. It does, however, make me wish I had gotten real bacon.


Breakfast nipples??? Geez


(Source: Kootation.com)

(Source: Kootation.com)



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