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POP-UP VIDEO October 3, 2011

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Starting today, VH-1 is bringing back Pop-Up Video.


For anyone who doesn’t remember or is too young to, Pop-Up Video was an 80’s show that played popular videos with added commentary in cute little pop-up “thought balloons”.


The comments ranged from factual info about the video or the performer to trivia and random facts only tangentially related to something mentioned in the piece itself. For example – in the video for Ghostbusters one pop-up indicates the movie was originally written for popular Saturday Night Live star John Belushi. Another states that Huey Lewis felt the song was so similar to his hit “I Want A New Drug that he consulted attorneys over it.


Even if you weren’t into the videos that much the pop-ups themselves were always entertaining.

So, in honor of the return I thought I’d share some of my faves. Including this. ***




Pop Up Video on wiki

Pop Up Video on VH1

VH1 Orders the Return of ‘Pop Up Video’

pop up video respawn’


***Sorry – I just couldn’t resist the Rickroll