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James Hosking photographs the drag queens of Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco. October 26, 2014

James Hosking photographs the drag queens of Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco..


I’m gonna need a minute here … February 2, 2014



I’m watching part 1 of a performance of Waiting for Godot, written by Samuel Beckett, on YouTube. It’s directed by Beckett himself. I’ve never seen it performed nor have I ever read the play. I consider myself a fairly intelligent, literate individual, capable of comprehending literal and figurative meaning, subtext, explicit and implicit connotations. But good grief, my head is spinning right now.


After 45 minutes I’d already taken two breaks. I don’t know if it’s age or the internet that’s ruined my attention span. Or the play itself. (Probably some combo of all three). Not sure I could sit still for the actual theatre production, with Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan, that’s currently on Broadway, or even a recreation of a much earlier staging with Steve Martin and Robin Williams in the principal roles.


Why did I suddenly decide to explore the play? Well – I saw a clip of Bill Murray on Letterman. He was dressed as Peter Pan and he was flying on wires over the stage and I just got the thought ‘I’d love to see Bill Murray and James Spader in Waiting for Godot‘ ????? Where the heck did that come from?


As I said I’ve never seen this on stage or even read it, but hey – a crazy idea from a fractured mind is a terrible thing to waste. Or something like that, so I went with it. I was going to find the text online and read that but then the idea of YouTube came to me and I found a few hits.


I’m writing this in the (self-imposed) intermission of parts one and two. I need a definite break before diving into the remaining hour.


This is definitely a play you need to see and read and ruminate on. There’s no real plot – just two guys waiting for some dude name “Godot”. A couple of things happen, but mostly nothing happens. Yet there’s a bunch of stuff going on. Kind of mind blowing and really thought-provoking. And – head spinning. I can just tell this is going to be in my head for a good while.


It’s probably better that I’m seeing this, for the first time, at home, at my own pace, with actors I don’t know. I’d probably be too enthralled by the lovely British of SirPatStew and Sir Ian. *swoon*



Waiting for Godot (Part 1)

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“Pinata” – Pages Matam October 28, 2013




“Mathematics” – Spoken Word by Hollie McNish June 18, 2013




LIKE A BOSS June 10, 2013


NOTE: Youtube is acting super sketchy right now, so the videos may or may not load on the page. If not just click the highlighted links in the appropriate paragraphs. Thanks


NPH does it again!!!






In his fourth outing as Tony Awards host and first as show producer, Neil Patrick Harris killed it. Here is his ah-maz-ing, unbelievable, and (literally) breathtaking opening number.





And – if the opening wasn’t enough, if the witty and well-done hosting wasn’t enough – then you have the stellar closing number (with the fabulous, incomparable Audra McDonald ) written on the fly, during the course of the ceremony and performed just seconds after the last award is given.





And in case you missed it – the ultimate mic drop:









Excuse my language, but Neil Patrick Harris – you are fucking awesome!






Reunion March 10, 2013

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Marina Abramovic and Ulay started an intense love story in the 70s, performing art out of the van they lived in. When they felt the relationship had run its course …


For the rest of this wonderful story, click here




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All About Audra June 10, 2012



Tonight The American Theatre Wing will present the 66th annual Tony Awards®. I know there are scads of nominees but I’m really looking forward to seeing Audra McDonald. Win; I want to see her win. The woman is an artistically gifted badass. Every featured role she’s had on Broadway has been nominated for a Tony. And she’s won. Every. Single. Time. She has 4 statues so far. Tony’s anyway. I’m not even gonna go into the Drama Desk Awards, and, um, oh yeah a freakin’ Grammy! (Yeah, yeah, yeah Milli Vanilli got a Grammy too. Just shut your trap, ok? Audra won for Opera. Ha!!)


So anyway back to the award collecting badass that is Ms. McDonald. Acting, Singing, Opera, Cabaret, Broadway, Television, Film, highly regarded by her peers (does she really have any?) and fans alike. Not only is she gifted, but she’s also on the verge of making Broadway history. When she wins (not if, but when) she’ll be tied with Angela Lansbury and Julie Harris for the most wins by an actress. She would also be the first African-American actress to win five Tony’s.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed.



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Happy Birthday Dave Matthews January 9, 2011

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Happy Birthday Amy Lee December 13, 2010

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Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra

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