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Tom Hanks playing Mr. Rogers = Perfect July 22, 2019

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#TVQUOTE July 6, 2014

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FREDDIE (Sir Ian McKellan):

So who were you squawking at on the phone?


STUART (Sir Derek Jacobi):     

Wha …! My mother, if you must know.



Was she calling to tell you when she’d be dying?



She was very distraught.



Why? Did you finally tell her about us?



I’m waiting for the right time.



It’s been 48 years!



… and there has not been a right time! Now please don’t pressure me, I’m very emotional already. We’ve had some frightful news: Clive is dead.



Your mother is always the first to know when someone dies. Is she getting the news directly from Satan?



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Cover Battle: “Que Sera Sera” April 5, 2013



I vaguely remembered the original version of this, sung by Doris Day. It sounded like what you’d expect from a Doris Day song: bright and upbeat, happy and lilting. You know – nice and sweet. Later, when I “discovered” Holly Cole (after catching her on PBS) and I heard her slowed down, jazzy version I absolutely fell in love with it. (And trust me, you’ll be seeing a few more examples of Ms. Cole’s unique take on things in upcoming cover battles). I just found the Sly and the Family Stone and Corinne Bailey Rae versions. I quite like them, but when I think of this song, Holly’s version is what I gravitate to.





Where it’s at April 4, 2013




And one more thing … October 5, 2012

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44 Years Ago Today … February 19, 2012



Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

first aired on PBS.



Mister Roger’s Neighborhood on wiki


Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on IMDB



Happy Birthday Rita Moreno December 11, 2010

Rita Moreno on IMBD

Rita Moreno on wikipedia


West Side Story on IMDB

West Side Story (film) on wikipedia


Law & Order: Criminal Intent


Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

The Electric Company

NEA National Medal of Arts


Sarah Siddons Award


25th Anniversary of Elmo on Sesame Street November 21, 2010

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Elmo on wikipedia

Sesame Street

Kevin Clash

Elmo’s Best Moments


Mark Twain’s autobiography finally ready for publication – 100 years later November 12, 2010

Original article

Mark Twain on wikipedia

PBS interactive Mark Twain scrapbook

L.A. Times book review

Mark Twain on Amazon


PBS launched 60 years ago today October 5, 2010

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PBS on wikipedia

Official PBS website


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