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Maya Angelou May 13, 2015




no rush… (via Read Between the Minds) August 13, 2011

no rush... with his bare hands he began to write out his suicide note he had considered typing it so there would be no confusion about why but it seemed rather impersonal and he always felt that communications should have some humanity to it so he decided to write it out in longhand but was worried that he might misspell some words since he was so used to using spellcheck he could type it out first and then transfer it to letterhead but someone might think … Read More

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don’t let the door… (via Read Between the Minds) June 12, 2011

don't let the door... after you've finished ranting and raving about how unfair life has treated you and you've told the last person who will listen all your misfortunes perhaps on your way out you could take a moment to explain to the child in north korea why they're always hungry and to the ones in angola what happened to their mothers and fathers you could eve … Read More

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The Daily Hotness – Everlast November 6, 2010

Everlast (Erik Schrody) at IMDB.com

Everlast at wikipedia


M. Kathleen Casey on Strength … October 8, 2010

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Kenji Miyazawa on Strength … October 5, 2010

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“Ground Glass” September 19, 2010

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“She Talks to Angels” – The Black Crows August 11, 2010

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