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Dear lady at the DMV April 24, 2015


Dear lady at the DMV: Sometimes it’s not racism.


If there’s a discrepancy between your documents, and they question that?

      – it’s not racism


If the passport office in NY state accepted it, but the State of NJ doesn’t?

       – it’s not racism


If the name on the card you’re presenting for ID, doesn’t exactly match your birth certificate?

       – it’s not racism


If your birth certificate says “Shelly” and you happen to go by “Shelley”, just because (!), without getting a legal name change and they don’t take it?

       – it’s not racism


If the person at the counter keeps sending you to the supervisor because your shite’s not in order?

      – it’s not racism


Look – it’s the DMV (Sorry – Motor Vehicle Commission). You know it’s gonna be long and tedious and annoying. But if your paperwork is not on point and somebody previously decided to let it go, it doesn’t obligate them to do the same.


Be annoyed. Be angry. Be frustrated. Hell write a letter or a scathing blog post.


But –


1) Don’t touch any of the employees. Even though it wasn’t done violently (hand on the shoulder) – technically that’s assault. Which the officer told you when he was walking up. (The same officer you challenged earlier when he said it’s too crowded, some of you have to wait outside ‘til I call you.)


and –


2) Don’t call it racism, when it’s not. (Especially when 30 seconds ago you were complaining loudly about “foreigners who can’t speak English”)



NJ woman’s rejected atheist license plate violates First Amendment, lawsuit argues | NJ.com April 19, 2014

NJ woman's rejected atheist license plate violates First Amendment, lawsuit argues | NJ.com.


This Map Shows There Are 10 KKK Organizations In My State. How Many Are In Yours? April 17, 2014

This Map Shows There Are 10 KKK Organizations In My State. How Many Are In Yours?.


This was a little scary. There are 44 in NJ, and apparently I have a neo-nazi group in my city



Jersey Strong – Get it Straight, people January 29, 2014

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Even though it involves rough, sweaty men in super tight pants, I really couldn’t care less about the Superbowl. Now, that being said – what is this?






And this?





These are from the official Superbowl website. The Superbowl is being held in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NEW JERSEY! New York has nothing to do with it. It just happens to be close by.




A SUBURB OF NEW YORK, people!!!!


It’s not an afterthought.




The Freakin’ Garden State.


Respect it, dammit!!!






The State of New Jersey official website

Why It’s Awesome To Be From New Jersey



RIP Senator Frank Lautenberg June 4, 2013

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Frank Lautenberg, New Jersey Senator in His 5th Term, Dies at 89

Frank Lautenberg, 1924-2013: …

NJ State Senator Frank Lautenberg (D) official site



Cover Battle: “Jersey Girl” April 12, 2013


Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!!!! Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!!!! That’s Springsteen for those of you who don’t know. One of the most, if not the most, favored sons of New Jersey. The Garden State. Yeah – that’s right: we got gardens. Damn straight. Flowers and plants and produce and shit.


Bruce is … iconic, legen – wait for it – dary for giving multi-hour concerts. When most bands think they’re doing you a favor by sticking around for 90 minutes, Bruce has been known to play 3 or 4 hours. With a minimum of breaks. This is just one of the many reasons he is known as The Boss. So when I saw that someone had dared to cover one of his songs I was like – “Excuse you?! Blasphemy, just blasphemy I tell ya!” Even if it was one of my faves, Holly Cole.


Um, Holly’s not a rocker. She’s a smoky, smoldering, jazzy chanteuse. Plus this is a guy’s song. That can always be a little awkward and sound unnatural to the ear after listening to it done one way for, like, forever.


Well, shut my mouth but I liked it — no sorry. I love, love, freakin’ love her rendition so damn much. Oh hell, I’m just gonna say it: Holly is probably one of those artists that can do no wrong in my book.


Now, what I didn’t know was that this is not actually Bruce’s song. It was written by Tom Waits. So, um … oops, I stand sheepishly corrected on the whole righteous indignation thing. Like they say “everything old is new again”. But the first version I hear of something is generally always going to be the touchstone by which I judge another version. Even if my touchstone is, itself, a cover. And in most cases, I probably won’t even pay much attention to the actual original when the “original” (at least in my memory) is what I know and love. Is that fair? Maybe not, but that’s usually what happens. And if I do decide to seek out the original it’ll probably come up lacking, to me, in comparison to my familiar version.


I’ve included a Tom Waits version as well as one I found by Pearl Jam. Hmmm. I’ll tend to be more receptive to an alternate rendition if it’s done by somebody I like. Pearl Jam – I definitely like some of their songs. Tom Waits … I guess I just haven’t acquired that particular taste as of yet.




PRIMARY DAY June 5, 2012

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Apple Butter Cheese Squares March 6, 2011

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What could be more Jersey than rich, creamy Jersey cow’s milk cheese? Cherry Grove Farm raises mostly Jersey cows for its insanely tasty cheeses. Located in the Lawrenceville area, the farm has been all about sustainability from the get-go. Almost half of its grazing area is certified organic. The apple butter is from Wightman’s Farms in Morristown, which grows its own apples and make its own fruit butters. Many “pick-your-own” farms preserve their surplus this way, giving you a chance to enjoy the fruit of summer all year long.


(Recipe can be doubled or halved)


1 sheet puff pastry dough, thawed and cut
into 16 squares
1/2 cup apple butter
6 ounces Cherry Grove Toma Primavera cheese (similar to an Italian mountain cheese), grated


1. Preheat oven to 400.
2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, then coat it with non-stick spray.
3. Place squares on baking sheet.
4. Spray square tops with non-stick spray.
5. Top with another layer of parchment.
6. Place a second baking sheet on top.
7. Bake about 30 minutes until pastry is golden.
8. Take top baking sheet off, as well as parchment.
9. Top each square with apple butter and a good-sized pinch of cheese.
10. Return to oven and bake about 7 minutes until melted.
11. Allow to cool slightly — 4 minutes


via Inside New Jersey


Happy Birthday Thomas Alva Edison February 11, 2011




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Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra December 13, 2010

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