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Meet Dana Williams, The Singer-Songwriter Who Made You Weep In That Apple Commercial – MTV December 22, 2014

Meet Dana Williams, The Singer-Songwriter Who Made You Weep In That Apple Commercial – MTV.


Lasting Impressions January 14, 2014

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once in a blue moon

i remember his birthday

and wonder “does he think of me,

    and think of me well?”

or am i a memory he seeks to forget

a silly aberration in his romantic forays



would any of them think of me fondly

if they see me on the street, or

    would they hope to god

i don’t see as they turn

from recognition?



leftovers October 29, 2013

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notes from a different life

old pictures, fleeting and fuzzy

an old k-bar knife

key chains and pins

tchotchkes and tokens

things I keep because …

    I think I should

there is no feeling and

I have no connection


life in a box

gone almost half as long as I’ve been alive

the things left behind

more photos, some papers

a precision folded flag

certificate of memorial

a “gift” from a grateful nation



no rush… (via Read Between the Minds) August 13, 2011

no rush... with his bare hands he began to write out his suicide note he had considered typing it so there would be no confusion about why but it seemed rather impersonal and he always felt that communications should have some humanity to it so he decided to write it out in longhand but was worried that he might misspell some words since he was so used to using spellcheck he could type it out first and then transfer it to letterhead but someone might think … Read More

via Read Between the Minds


YEAREND RAMBLE – pt 3 December 31, 2010


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Project Archive is basically finished.





Tossed a crapload of shit. Or a shitload of crap. By “tossed” I mean threw away the nonpersonal papers, and moved anything with identifying info into the shredding bin, which is heavier than ever. Anyway everything fits in one box now.


Mission semi-accomplished


I am going to rest on my laurels. Well, pillows actually, crack open the SOA dvd’s and enjoy. Then tomorrow I’ll start on the next projects.


The bookcase:




The desktop (actual & virtual):





My current files:




Thank goodness the computer room has a door that closes.





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