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Cover Battle: “Bring It On Home to Me” – Pt 2 July 5, 2013


So … this is part two of Cover Battle: “Bring It On Home to Me”. The versions listed in part 1 are the renditions I like. And these are the ones that I’m kind of … meh about. Like I previously stated I first thought there would be five or six examples, but I ended up with 13 versions I wanted to post.


I adore Sir Paul McCartney and this version is okay, but it’s not one I’d keep coming back to. In the comments for Paul’s version I found out John Lennon did one as well, which a lot of people touted as so much better. Nope. This one’s not for me, either. It thrills me even less than Paul’s.


When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge is a stirring, heartfelt romantic standard of the 60’s. When I saw there was a Percy Sledge version I was looking forward to hearing it. What I have here is a live performance, a duet, with Percy and his wife Rosa. The love and connection between the two of them is great to see but I’m not feeling her vocal on this at all, it ruins it for me. If it was Percy alone I would have enjoyed it more.


Another cover I was looking forward to is the version from The Commitments. They’re a fictional Irish soul band created for the movie of the same name. The actors did their own singing. I had heard other covers and they really nailed the liveliness and the passion of good 60’s soul music. Until now. Maybe my memory of how good they were was clouded, but this didn’t thrill me either.


The Animals’ studio version is good and I don’t actually dislike it. (Admittedly, that’s not quite a ringing endorsement) I do find the live performance very cool, though. The group is totally into it and they’re giving it their all. The piano solo at the beginning is executed well.




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