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HUNGRY/LAZY February 1, 2017

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I want to eat all the snacks in my house,

but then I’ll be sad when they’re gone.

And then I’ll be too lazy and stuffed to

go get more.

I need minions.



The end.


Cover Battle, Interrupted December 13, 2013




Grocery Rant July 22, 2013


I love the convenience of grocery shopping online and having them deliver it. Especially in hot sticky summer months. And frankly the shopping and delivery charge is only a few bucks more than if I took a cab to the bank, then to the store, ran over a few people with my cart, then got a cab to bring me home. With a driver who may or may not actually help me carry the bags up the front steps.


Most of the time if they’re out of what I ordered, they’ll call me and ask if I want substitutions based on what they do have in stock. Sure every once in a while they’ll get something really wrong. Like one time I asked for a pound of radishes and I got a rutabaga. One radish is about the size of a cherry tomato and weighs a few ounces. One rutabaga weighs easily over a pound and is the size of a softball.




Yes, they both start with “r”, but how do you mistake these two?



Also, you’re trusting other people to pick out your meat selections, choices that you might have perused and passed by. But for the most part it’s a very convenient well-run service.


Today the shopper called me (and they’re always really sweet and pleasant) with a loooooooong list of out of stock stuff. So we went over things; I authorized some substitutions then told her to just take some stuff off the list (my ice cream wasn’t there – didn’t really need them anyway).


So I’m anxiously awaiting my little goodies. They get here about 12:15 (there’s a 2 hr delivery window so this was perfectly within the timeframe I requested – 11 -1). I sign for my stuff and start unpacking. Hmm … I see a couple of things that look unfamiliar.


Okay – different paper towel brand – same size and price, so no biggie. The meat looks good. Here are my eggs, fruit, my pasta. Ooh – a free sample of — iced coffee. I don’t drink coffee but it was still nice. (The shopper told me she felt so bad because so many of the things I ordered were actually out of stock. See – just like I said – pleasant and sweet people)


Then I start noticing a couple of glaring things that didn’t quite make it. Like milk.


Mmmm, creamy


So now what do I do with this:



I am not washing these down with iced coffee!


And the 2 12 packs of kaiser rolls I ordered? Nowhere in sight. Well, actually I did get the kaiser rolls. 2 of them.


I guess 2 rolls in a bakery bag is better than

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag



2 rolls vs. 24 rolls? That’s a bit of a difference. I really wished she had mentioned that so I could have suggested other rolls or a loaf of bread or something. I also wish she had told me about the milk. Now I’m slightly annoyed. And milkless. I like to do all the shopping for the month in one order. So now I’ll have to make a special trip to the store anyway to get my missing stuff.



Le sigh


And I may just possibly probably most likely could end up getting some form of ice cream.





WALKING DAY 4 September 18, 2010

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Technically this should be day 5 ½: Going with my loose, every other day “schedule” I should have gone out yesterday (Friday) and Wednesday. I didn’t. Wednesday I overslept. (Yeah, yeah, yeah – I can walk anytime, but if I’m gonna do it I prefer to get up, out, and back early. When there are fewer people around. To witness my collapsing in the middle of the street). So I didn’t. Did I compensate by doing anything else, exerting energy? Hmmm? Yeah, probably not. In all fairness I was up late Tuesday night. And? Well, I had to watch at least one replay of Sons of Anarchy. Um, yeah it’s Sutter’s fault, yeah that’s the ticket.


Okay, we all know that’s total bull. Same thing for Friday. Not the lame SOA excuse. (The “excuse” was lame. NOT SOA. “Lame” and SOA should never be in the same sentence. Damn – now I gotta do 12 acts of contrition or Father Ashby will have me garroted). Friday was just general laziness. And probably the only reason I got up today – was to go put an unexpected check in the bank and get milk, bread and butter.


So I walked. Only 20 minutes; stopped to catch my breath more than usual. Might have something to do with the pizza delivery from last night. But at least I did it – made the effort and got ‘er done. Well, I didn’t get the milk, bread or butter. The walking and the check were the important points to accomplish.


And I got another rambling blog post about it, so, yay for me.



“Hanginaround” – Counting Crows August 22, 2010

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