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WALKING DAY 11 November 8, 2010

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Today has been fantastically awesome!!! Procrastinated last rainy Friday on going to the Post Office, so I went this morning. It was supposed to be sunny and bright. When I woke up it was a bit grey and they were predicting showers and I think somebody even mentioned hail. (no, not Jacob.) Got up, tweeted, showered, dressed, and ate. Booked out, took no camera *, just a straight shot over and down, hoping to beat the impending water storm there and back.


Walked out, not too cold & not as windy as when I woke up. Left the house at quarter to 9, got there at 9:03 – there were already 10 people in line in front of me. Line moved fairly smoothly until a logjam occurred in the personage of a woman with 2 bags full of packages and the shiniest, gaudiest Reynolds Wrap silver Luis Vuitton bag known to creation.


This would look great shredded as tinsel on a Christmas tree

or as reflecting tape on a cyclist.


A person with multiple questions and multiple packages can be a good thing, a bad thing, or a “so what, mind your damn business thing”. If they’re behind me – it’s a good thing. If they’re in front of me – it’s a bad thing. If it is me – it’s a “so what, mind your damn business” thing. Mind you this was her first trip. While waiting (and waiting, and waiting) I did what you’d normally do – struck up random conversation with the guy behind me and let my eyes wander. Usually the lighted sign above the Post Office counter list the prices and services available. They had updated the lighted signs above the counter. It just showed the services available with no prices. I found the price list – on a small sign waaay off to the side. Well, I guess it’s cheaper to do it that way when you raise the rates every 6 months for a semi-obsolete service.


After emptying her bags and getting more boxes from the clerk behind the counter she stated she’d be back alter with more. Thank goodness I had no other place to be and won’t have to come back later. Finally I the counter was in sight. I got my 2 little stamps, did my thing and left. I checked my phone – it was 9:23. 20 minutes for 2 stamps. The temperature had dropped and the wind had picked up considerably. Tiny droplets of rain began to hit. Walked onward, got blown up the sidewalk, and enjoyed the swirl of leaves in the air.


As I’m walking a car stops, window rolls down – “Kim?” It’s my dear friend Janice. We keep in touch through emails and occasional phone chats but haven’t physically been together in several years. She gets out of the car and we hug – a joyous reunion. Offers me a ride – I have no problem walking, but I’m definitely taking this opportunity to hang with her for the 5 minute ride back to my place. Crazy how things work out – if I hadn’t have waited until Monday to make my run, if I hadn’t gotten to the P.O. so early, if the woman with the aluminum foil bag hadn’t taken so long, if I hadn’t taken that way back home, I would not have been crossing the street at the exact time that my friend Janice was driving up.


We’re so busy catching up we take the wrong turn so she circles the block again. We park in front of my place for at least a half an hour updating each other on the various trials and tribulations of our lives. Failing memories and growing infirmities abound. I find out she’s on Facebook and vow to “friend” her. She promises to accept – as soon as she can get her grandkids to show her how to do it. J We kiss, hug, depart; each unspeakably energized by the uncommon random confluence of events of this grey, hail-filled (yes it’s hailing now!) day.

Happy Monday!


* Should have taken the camera. Saw some really cool phantom leaf impressions in the sidewalk. With today’s rain and hail I’m sure they’ll be gone. Then again – if I had stopped for pictures, I probably wouldn’t have run into Janice.

Louis Vuitton Alma MM Monogram Miroir
(retail $2,080)


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