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Death by Pumpkin January 18, 2013

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OMG. This is like … a pumpkin orgasm in my mouth. Yeah I said it. And that’s exactly what I meant.




Possibly the simplest recipe in the universe:


*1 – 15 oz can of pumpkin
*1 box cake mix (any flavor)
*The batter will be thick, so depending on your taste you might want to thin it out with some water
*Mix until it’s well blended.
*Pour into your prepared baking vessel
*Bake according to cake mix directions
*Cool. Serve. Enjoy.



Yet it’s the richest, most scrumptious, mouth-satisfyingly, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-est thing in the history of all creation.


I really like pumpkin pie, even though I think sweet potato pie has a much more complex flavor to it. But this culinary “cheat” that I mixed up last night is just freaking out of this world.


Now, when I say I mixed up I don’t mean to say that I came up with the idea. No, no, no, no my friends. I first saw mention of it through Hungry Girl*.


Since I’m currently living life on the cheap and I never completely follow the proper instructions I just threw in one 29 oz can of pumpkin and 2 boxes of $.75 Jiffy yellow cake mix. And since I didn’t use a proper cake pan it took almost an hour and a half for a knife to come out relatively clean. Even then the cake was set but still had that nice liquidy pie feel when I stuck a forkful in my mouth. It coated my tongue like melted velvet.



Rich and … gooey. It had me wishing for some nice vanilla ice cream to go on top.


Sinful, just decadently sinful. I would joyfully do severe penance for a tiny morsel of this magnificence in my mouth. Anytime.


And yeah – I meant to say that, too.


*I’m not sure if I read it on her website or actually heard her mention it on Dr. Oz one day. Hungry Girl’s real name is Lisa Lillien, and she has tons of ideas and advice on cutting the fat and the calories from things we eat without sacrificing the taste or texture and enjoyable mouth feel of something.






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