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Happy Holidays December 6, 2014

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I’d love to taste it … but I certainly wouldn’t try to make it. November 27, 2014

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For the brave and bold (and possibly masochistic) among you, click here for a recipe.



Back in Black – Black Friday (The Daily Show) November 21, 2014




Covers, No Battle (pt 1) December 20, 2013


So this week I did manage to bring you guys a little something. For the holiday season, let’s not call it a “battle”. It’s more of a small collection of … musical stocking stuffers. I just scouted around for examples of interesting holiday songs I like – serious, silly, rock, r & b, whatever.


I’m doing it as a little mini-series – one for each day, up until Christmas. Hope you like it.





The first one I have for you is sung by Charles Brown, the original artist. I don’t think I’d ever heard this one. I really like it, though. It’s got a bit of sadness to it, but it also puts you in a hopeful, reflective kind of mood. The musical accompaniment is so good and mellow and … holiday- feeling.


Next up is Fiona Apple. I had never heard her version, either, but I like it as well. I’m a big fan of Fiona’s – she has such a one of a kind vocal styling and great power in her voice and performance. She’s a truly unique artist, sometimes misunderstood, but always very original, even when singing a number often covered by others.





Be a good human December 10, 2013

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Cover Battle – “Thankgiving Song” and “The Chanukkah Song” November 29, 2013


In keeping the strange quirk of having Thanksgiving (being later than usual this year) and the first full day of Hanukkah (being earlier than usual this year) fall on the same day I decided to stay with the holiday theme. Being a chick with a strange quirk all her own, when I think of these 2 holidays who should come to mind but Adam Sandler. (Just go with me on this, okay?)


In his years on Saturday Night Live, Adam created many characters and funny skits. Some of his most fun things came when he brought out his guitar. In separate instances he came up with two classic humorous holiday gems: “The Thanksgiving Song” and “The Chanukkah Song“. Unfortunately, I could not find any covers out there for “The Thanksgiving Song” so it will have to stand on its own. Enjoy.


I remember Adam’s Chanukkah song from the SNL broadcast, in 1994. It had me rolling. It’s stupid and cute and adorable and a bit inappropriate in parts. I still hear it and laugh, mostly. (The part about Mike Tyson, at 2:16, obliquely referencing Desiree Washington is, admittedly, a bit cringe-worthy for those old enough to remember).

Since it first came out Adam’s actually done a couple of updates, referencing different Jewish celebrities. A huge part of enjoying the song is Sandler’s boyish, fun, almost childlike enthusiasm and gusto when performing this piece.


Neil Diamond performed the song on his 2009 Christmas album, using the listing from Sandler’s original composition, but changing the lyric about Tom Cruise from “I hear his agent is” to “but Jesus Christ is”. Diamond has fun with the song, but of course, it doesn’t sound as off-the-cuff and improvisational as Sandler’s renditions do. I enjoy it, it makes me smile, but not shake my head and laugh like Adam’s does.


There’s a recent version done by the group Haim. It’s very faithful to the fun, gregarious spirit of Sandler. I’m kind of impressed.




Jeez – not just yet, with this stuff … November 6, 2013

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Received this in the mail today:



Okay – it’s just a marketing thingy from a jewelry store, but still …


Too freakin’ soon.





Happy Holidays … December 24, 2010

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The 12 Pains of Christmas December 12, 2010

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Day of Thanks November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving


Doodle by Ina Garten

(Courtesy of Google)



I hope everyone is happy and healthy on this day of giving thanks.  During the holidaze just send some good thoughts out to the men and women serving in the military and their families and pray for a safe return.


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