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Ugh – do these people ever stop?! July 4, 2013


Well Happy Birthday, America; this is (one of the many reasons) why we can’t have nice things. I present you with the latest hurler of tea party douchebaggery – Dana Loesch.



(Source: Riverfront Times)

(Source: Riverfront Times)



“I too have a dream!” …. “I dream that one day our lawmakers will leave us alone! Let us do what we want! Stay out of my gun case! Stay out of my bank account! Stay out of my bedroom! Stay out of my church! Stay out of my business! I’ll carry what I want to carry!”



Clueless and hypocritical much, Dana?! How about you and your compatriots stay out of my vagina! Oh – and please please please stop co-opting MLK for your racist, down with the poor, entitled asinine bullshit. You’re as ridiculous as Westboro Baptist “Church”.




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