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Restaurant Responds to Yelper’s Sexist Abortion Joke With Fundraiser July 25, 2014


“It’s obviously a joke, but something being “a joke” doesn’t mean it’s not harmful. Racist jokes are still racist, sexist jokes are still sexist. If the butt of the joke is the disenfranchised group, somebody from that group or who cares about that group may call you out as an asshole for making that joke.”


                        comment on Reddit regarding a Yelp troll



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Ultimate Crispy Cheesy Goodness May 16, 2014

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Alton Brown’s Grilled Grilled Cheese



#PostADay2011 Challenge October 18, 2011

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Plinky PostADay2011 Prompt:    

Describe the perfect sandwich. You have up to $5,000 to spend. Be creative


I won’t get into the whole “What is perfect?” question. And I couldn’t even imagine taking $5,000 and using it on a sandwich. It’s just ridiculous. And I’m not that fancy.


Now on the subject of divine tasting things. The first thing that came to mind is a grilled cheese sandwich. Well, my favorite version of grilled cheese.


Just take your basic bread aisle Italian loaf bread:



Kraft white American cheese singles:


Bacon (pre-cooked & crispy, of course):




And pesto:




  • Cook bacon ’til crispy. Drain
  • Spread pesto on 2 slices of bread
  • Top each piece of bread with 2 cheese slices
  • Top one piece of bread with the super duper crispy bacon
  • Hump the other piece of bread on top
  • Spread top of bread with Smart Balance Buttery Spread (or butter or Miracle Whip – I know it sounds gross and potentially lethal, but trust me it adds a nice little tang)
  • Slap the buttered side down on a preheated grill or pan. Spread the top side with pan lubricant of choice (miracle whip, etc). Press down w/ spatula until bread is browned and cheese is melty.
  • Gingerly flip the masterpiece over for 2nd side browning. Press down. Be patient.
  • When other side is browned to your liking (or you can’t contain your cheese lust any longer) plate that sucker.


WARNING: Do not just dive in. There’s hot gooey cheese in there. That’s major taste bud damage looming. Wait a bit, slice it. Revel in the fragrance.


Then scarf that baby down!



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