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David Bowie – The Next Day (Explicit) May 9, 2013




#TouchofEvil brings on #ChildhoodTrauma December 8, 2011


The following videos are part of The New York Times Magazine Hollywood issue. The series was directed by Alex Prager and showcases classic villainous themes/characters. The last video, featuring the magnificent Gary Oldman, creeps me the fuck out.


I remember the movie it’s based on, Magic. When the commercials would come on I couldn’t stand to look at them. I would put my hand up in front of the tv and close my eyes until it was over.

Actually as I’m typing this, I’m hearing the commercial in my head and practically jumping out of my skin. Dolls in general don’t bug me, really, but I can’t take devil dolls and dummies that come to like. I can’t, I just … can’t.



See all 13 works here


Alex Prager



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