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My first video … February 1, 2011

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1st snow December 27, 2010

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1st major snowstorm in Jersey for winter 2010-2011. Started about 11 am in Bayonne. the beginning Blizzard warning from 6 am Sunday until 6 pm, Monday. On one of the local stations it forecasted “thundersnow” ????? My twitter friends say it’s a snow storm with thunder and lightning. Sounds exciting to watch, but scary to be in. This is just the current progression of the winter ejaculation. conditions right now


Those pics were taken from the vestibule of my apartment house. I could probably get some even better shots, but that would involve putting on boots, a scarf and leaving the building. And THAT will not be happening. I told myself I would walk to the park and take some killer shots of the first snow fall, but like I said – not gonna do it. I often lie to myself, but it’s okay ‘cuz I forgive easily.


Can’t wait for people to mistakenly put out their garbage and recycling so I can see a big snow drift pile of wet rotting crap and xmas paper that could be taken for truly organic urban art and a commentary on the frozen heart within us all and the disposable nature of our society.


But seriously, they’re stating 12 – 18 inches before it’s through. 12 I could probably handle, but 18 is just too much, even for me. But the cupboards are full and I’m toasty and warm. As long as the power and cable and internet stay up I’ll be good.



Happy Birthday (RIP) Archie Moore December 13, 2010

Archie Moore at wiki

Archie Moore at IMDB

Light heavyweight

San Diego Hall of Champions

St. Louis Walk of Fame

Boxing Ratings

Daughters of Boxing Legends

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Really? Grow up! October 4, 2010


Andrew Shirvell sounds like a bit of a nut job and possibly a self-hating closet case, if you know what I mean. You don’t “like” gay people? Okay, whatever. You’re a “concerned alumnus” who’s worried about an openly gay student pushing a “radical agenda”? Fine, be a concerned alumnus. But don’t stalk the guy. Standing outside his house with a video camera at 1:30 Sunday morning? Creating a blog for the sole purpose of excoriating the guy? Putting up pictures with “liar”, “racist” and a swastika crawled on them? (Very Perez Hilton, by the way. Totally high school) Calling him “Satan’s representative”? You’re a grown man going after a college kid!


You’re not a “concerned alumnus”. You’re an immature fucking scumbag. When Andrew (I can’t even call him ‘Mr. Shirvell’ because he doesn’t deserve that level of basic respect) was interviewed by Anderson Cooper, AC read the description of “cyber bully” and asked Andrew if that wasn’t him. Shirvell’s response was basically “I know you are but what am I?”


He claims he’s just exercising his First Amendment rights. You’re a stalker, a bully, a dumbass and a douche bag. (Hey – don’t get upset, I’m just exercising my first Amendment rights. But at least I’m not creating AN ENTIRE BLOG
about how much of a dangerous, psychotic head case I think you are)


Some people think he should be fired due to his bias over LGBT citizens and the possibility of him not being able to effectively protect their rights in his position as Asst. Attorney General for the State of Michigan. I think that might be best. But don’t worry Andrew; you won’t be pounding the pavement too long. I’m sure Fox ‘News’ is already thinking up opportunities for you.



Original article

CNN article & Anderson Cooper interview


First they came … September 18, 2010

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First They came … at wikipedia


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