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Japanese-American Couple Sent to WWII Internment Camp Graduates From California High School – ABC News June 20, 2015

Japanese-American Couple Sent to WWII Internment Camp Graduates From California High School – ABC News.


Safe May 13, 2014

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i get frightened

in small, dark spaces


there was the closet

    that one time


and that window bench,

    the other


but i don’t have to worry about that,



now he’s in a small dark place

    where no one can find him



“Panic Button Collection” by Andrea Gibson October 2, 2013


Panic Button Collection


I check my Facebook page 36 times a day for the sole purpose of making sure I have not accidentally posted a nude photo of myself


I reread an email 13 times before pressing send to ensure I have not written something in the email that could convict me of a crime


Before taking a stage when asked if I allow flash photography I always want to say “No” because I’m terrified flash photography will give me epilepsy

I know it doesn’t work like that, still


I never eat nuts on an airplane out of fear of that I will suddenly develop a nut allergy and if I have to asphyxiate I don’t want it to happen at 30,000 feet


Twice in the last two years I’ve been aborted from an airplane for running screaming down the aisles as the plane was taking off


I can’t walk through San Francisco without worrying my indigestion is the beginning of an earthquake


I brace for tsunamis besides lakes in Colorado

I’m not joking

The last time I saw Niagara Falls I couldn’t take it

It was too much much

I had to plug my ears to look at it and close my eyes to listen

Generally I can’t do all my senses at the same time they are too much much


Like if you touch me without warning, whoever you are, it will take everything I have to not hate you


Imagine your hands are electrical sockets and I am constantly aware that I am 99% water

it’s not that I’ve not tried to build a dam


Ask my therapist who pays her mortgage

My cost of living went up at five years old when I told my mother I have to stop going to birthday parties because every time I hear a balloon pop I feel like I’m gonna get murdered in the heart


Last year a balloon popped on the stage where I was performing, I started crying in front of the whole crowd

plugged my ears and kept repeating the word “LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD” it was super sexy


That’s what I do

I do super sexy


Like when I asked the super cute barista 11 times ‘you sure this is decaffeinated? Are you sure this is decaffeinated? Are you sure that’- yes I drink decaffeinated and still jitter like a bug running from the bright bright bright


I have spent years of my life wearing a tight rubber band hidden beneath my hair so my brain could have a hug


These days when no one’s looking I wear a fuzzy fitted winter hat that buttons tight beneath the chin


I only ever wear a tie so that when I convince myself I’m choking my senses have something they are certain they can blame


As a kid I was so certain I would die the way of meteor falling on my head

I would go whole weeks without looking at the sky ’cause I didn’t want to witness the coming of my own death


I started tapping the kitchen sink seven times to build a shield


My mother started making lists of everything I thought would kill me in hopes that if I saw my fears they would disappear

Bless her heart but the first time I saw that list I started filling a salad bowl with bleach and soaking my shoe laces overnight so in the morning when I ironed them they would be so bright I would be certain I had control over how much dark could break into my light

how much jack hammer could break into my heart

My spine it has always been a lasso that could never catch my breath


I honestly can’t imagine how it would feel to walk into a room full of people and not feel the roof collapsing on my ‘NO NO NO I am not fine’

Fine is the suckiest word

it never tells the truth

And more than anything I have ever been afraid of I am terrified of lies

How they war the world

How they sound by our tongues

How they bone dry the marrow

How they never out-llow the inside


How did we get through high school without being taught Dr. King spent two decades having panic attacks?

Avoided Windows

Jumped at thunder


I think we are all part flight the fight

part run for your life

Part ‘please please please like me’

Part Can’t breathe

Part scared to say you’re scared

Part say it anyway


You panic button collector

You clock of beautiful ticks

You run out the door if you need to

You flock to the front row of your own class

You feather everything until you know you can always, always shake like a leaf on my family tree and know you belong here

You belong here and everything you feel is okay

Everything you feel is okay


Andrea Gibson official site



Over the edge July 4, 2013

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I watch you do your stunts

and take your leaps

and realize

I will never know that fear


that exhilaration



This piece came to me while looking at this POV parkour video:




“Mathematics” – Spoken Word by Hollie McNish June 18, 2013




don’t speak April 13, 2013



when i see you online

i don’t speak because i know you’ll respond

and if you do the magic will vanish

and you’ll see the truth of who i am

and not the fantasy of what i hope to be



Modern Life – Pt 1 March 6, 2013


Maybe this should be filed under “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”. Or better yet “Teach Your Children”.


One kid threatened another kid with a gun during an argument. Another kid disarmed him and this kid, the one that disarmed the gun toting student, is the one that got suspended. How does that happen?


Officials are saying it’s because he didn’t cooperate with the investigation and wouldn’t say where the gun came from. Fortunately info got around, the cops went to the kid’s (gunman’s) house and found the weapon. (Although I don’t really understand how he ended up back with the gun at his house if the one kid disarmed him. I mean – why disarm him if you’re just gonna give it back?)


The disarmer’s mom said she stands behind him for doing the right thing, which is great. But she seems to have no problem with her kid not giving up the info on the gunman during the police investigation. From the Huff Post article:


The boy’s mother said she believes her son wouldn’t reveal the details to police
because he was “born and raised” not to “snitch.”


I applaud the kid for disarming the other student, but he should have cooperated with the investigation. It’s not just about stepping up and keeping guns away from stupid people, it’s also about speaking up as well. This “don’t snitch” ethos just keeps letting people get away with stuff and sets up the possibility of more dangerous stuff popping off. So mom, you did a half-good job of teaching your kid the right thing to do. But half isn’t good enough.


The kid did a good thing, but you gotta follow through. The saying goes “Snitches get stitches.” I could jokingly add “And wind up in ditches”, but I get that people get scared about retaliation. But if nobody steps up this kind of stuff will keep happening.


And what is it teaching the gunman? It’s saying there’re really no consequences to doing something wrong. Of course the fact that he brought a gun to school and threatened a classmate to solve a verbal disagreement kind of makes you believe he doesn’t see this as something wrong. It’s just what you do nowadays. And this “don’t snitch” crap is all part of that code of so-called “honor”. Until somebody they love gets hurt because somebody else didn’t speak up when they knew something.


People want to blame the police for not protecting people, but we all live in this world. We should think about protecting each other. You know “Do unto others …” etc, etc. It takes courage. And conscience. And just good old human decency.


Whatever happened to that?



Live a little December 18, 2012

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Source: observando



Remembering 7/7 – The London bombings July 7, 2012

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Hyde Park Memorial to 7/7 London bombings



Ceremony held to mark 7th anniversary of July 7th

7 July bombing memorial unveiled

London bomb mastermind freed

Remembering July 7 London Bombings [In Pictures and Videos]

BBC News: London Attacks

London Bombings, July 7, 2005: A Day I’ll Never Forget

London bombing on wiki



Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving? November 22, 2011

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While both of these ideas thrill and terrify me, I would have to go with skydiving.


If I’m going to die vomiting at least the skydiving is a one-way trip. With a bungee jump, even if the cord/rope/rubber band doesn’t snap I’d be purging on the way down and the bounce back up.


I do have a tendency to like to be attached to something, but there’s something so scary/liberating about free falling/floating with no grounding beneath or around you.



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