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January 4, 2016

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Feel the … burn??? February 26, 2015

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Zumba: How I Got My Groove Back After Trauma | Tracy Strauss September 24, 2014

Zumba: How I Got My Groove Back After Trauma | Tracy Strauss.


Get down. Get funky. Yee-haw!!! September 2, 2014

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All I need to know about exercise I learned from knitting (via fitknitchick) April 25, 2011

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I think I need to print this and keep it on my wall for motivation.

All I need to know about exercise I learned from knitting I have two great passions in my life (besides my husband, and sometimes, my children); fitness and knitting. At first glance, they seem to be rather incompatible past times. One involves vigorous whole body movement, the other sitting on the couch, barely flicking one's fingers for hours at a time. There are special clothes for exercise. Not so much for knitting. You can knit and drink a glass of wine and watch TV simultaneously. No wine at the g … Read More

via fitknitchick


Walking Day 21 January 11, 2011

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MUSIC:  “Train Song – Live” – Holly Cole

        “Come Together” – Dianne Reeves
& Cassandra Wilson




Just a quick one – no pretense at health or exercise. Just a breath of fresh air & a trip to the corner store for some butter. Haven’t used actual butter in years; I stick with Smart Balance buttery spread but corner stores are somewhat limited in their choice. Of everything. $4 for 4 sticks of butter. Is that normal? Seems excessive to me. I didn’t need a toast spread that much, so I decided to pass.


$4???? Really??





WALKING DAY 18 December 19, 2010


MUSIC: “This Charming Life” – Joan Armatrading

            (Thank you @sutterink)



Short walk today; only out 45 minutes with one sitting break and a couple leaning against the street lamp things. Luckily it was early so nobody pulled up to the corner (“No strange man, I do not want a date!”)

Went in a totally opposite direction. Hit the edge of the city, near the entrance to the turnpike. Nice discovery – a 24-hour corner store. Really well stocked. Now I know where to go for a salt and vinegar chip crave at 4 in the morning. Heaven for a quarter.


(Not necessarily a good thing)







WALKING DAY 11 November 8, 2010

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Today has been fantastically awesome!!! Procrastinated last rainy Friday on going to the Post Office, so I went this morning. It was supposed to be sunny and bright. When I woke up it was a bit grey and they were predicting showers and I think somebody even mentioned hail. (no, not Jacob.) Got up, tweeted, showered, dressed, and ate. Booked out, took no camera *, just a straight shot over and down, hoping to beat the impending water storm there and back.


Walked out, not too cold & not as windy as when I woke up. Left the house at quarter to 9, got there at 9:03 – there were already 10 people in line in front of me. Line moved fairly smoothly until a logjam occurred in the personage of a woman with 2 bags full of packages and the shiniest, gaudiest Reynolds Wrap silver Luis Vuitton bag known to creation.


This would look great shredded as tinsel on a Christmas tree

or as reflecting tape on a cyclist.


A person with multiple questions and multiple packages can be a good thing, a bad thing, or a “so what, mind your damn business thing”. If they’re behind me – it’s a good thing. If they’re in front of me – it’s a bad thing. If it is me – it’s a “so what, mind your damn business” thing. Mind you this was her first trip. While waiting (and waiting, and waiting) I did what you’d normally do – struck up random conversation with the guy behind me and let my eyes wander. Usually the lighted sign above the Post Office counter list the prices and services available. They had updated the lighted signs above the counter. It just showed the services available with no prices. I found the price list – on a small sign waaay off to the side. Well, I guess it’s cheaper to do it that way when you raise the rates every 6 months for a semi-obsolete service.


After emptying her bags and getting more boxes from the clerk behind the counter she stated she’d be back alter with more. Thank goodness I had no other place to be and won’t have to come back later. Finally I the counter was in sight. I got my 2 little stamps, did my thing and left. I checked my phone – it was 9:23. 20 minutes for 2 stamps. The temperature had dropped and the wind had picked up considerably. Tiny droplets of rain began to hit. Walked onward, got blown up the sidewalk, and enjoyed the swirl of leaves in the air.


As I’m walking a car stops, window rolls down – “Kim?” It’s my dear friend Janice. We keep in touch through emails and occasional phone chats but haven’t physically been together in several years. She gets out of the car and we hug – a joyous reunion. Offers me a ride – I have no problem walking, but I’m definitely taking this opportunity to hang with her for the 5 minute ride back to my place. Crazy how things work out – if I hadn’t have waited until Monday to make my run, if I hadn’t gotten to the P.O. so early, if the woman with the aluminum foil bag hadn’t taken so long, if I hadn’t taken that way back home, I would not have been crossing the street at the exact time that my friend Janice was driving up.


We’re so busy catching up we take the wrong turn so she circles the block again. We park in front of my place for at least a half an hour updating each other on the various trials and tribulations of our lives. Failing memories and growing infirmities abound. I find out she’s on Facebook and vow to “friend” her. She promises to accept – as soon as she can get her grandkids to show her how to do it. J We kiss, hug, depart; each unspeakably energized by the uncommon random confluence of events of this grey, hail-filled (yes it’s hailing now!) day.

Happy Monday!


* Should have taken the camera. Saw some really cool phantom leaf impressions in the sidewalk. With today’s rain and hail I’m sure they’ll be gone. Then again – if I had stopped for pictures, I probably wouldn’t have run into Janice.

Louis Vuitton Alma MM Monogram Miroir
(retail $2,080)


WALKING DAY 6 October 14, 2010

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Alarm went off. When I say alarm, I actually mean my TV came on. I set it to wake me with a blast of noise. Much better than an alarm: an alarm you can just reach over and slap shut 4 or 5 times before you realize you’re even late. But the TV – requires action. I have to dig the remote out, feel out the right button to push to stop the infernal racket. It requires a thought – do I want to do this? And some semblance of movement. Which just might be enough to jumpstart your morning. Of course, unlike the alarm, the TV doesn’t come back on 2 minutes later. So if you sleep through it, could be a problem.


So I thought about the walking for a couple of minutes, then, turned off the TV. Decided “naaah, don’t wanna” and laid back down. Tried to get back to sleep, debated with myself for 5 minutes or so, then continued trying to sink back into my pillow of heaven. Unfortunately I realized – “I gotta pee”. It wasn’t urgent. Since I’m far beyond the wetting the bed stage of youth and not yet into the incontinent stage of elderdom I again debated. I got up, did the deed, laid back down. More debate. “You’ll feel better if you do. It’ll be good for you. You’ll start your day off right” Ugh. Put on the walking clothes, prepped my little bag (camera, keys, cash, id). This time I even put in extra batteries. Yay, me.


Got up, got out. Instantly regretted it. For the 2 blocks to the park and maybe the equivalent of 2 blocks into the park. Too much huffing and puffing. But I kept going. Developed a good pace, not feeling distressed in any way. Enjoying the sun. Runners, speed walkers and dog walkers – “good morning” “morning”.


I purposely walked the upper paths; the ones with no benches to tempt me. Took some pics. (Love digital cameras because of the immediacy of getting the image and not having to pay for prints. Hate digital cameras because they suck up so much battery power.) Walked down some minor hills, and up a few inclines. Managed to stay out for an hour. Went farther than I have in previous excursions. Again, yay me. Then I realized – “damn, now I have to walk back” Wasn’t too bad though. Coming back home, huffing and puffing started. Coming up the front stairs the knees were sore, but that’s gonna be a constant.


Ran into my neighbor Joe who always encouraged me to move around. He was taking his son for breakfast then they would wait for the bus to pick him up. Joe’s a really great guy; a very friendly and hard-working widower with 2 kids. One Thanksgiving he was nice enough to bring me a plate.


Ran into him about 2 weeks ago, after not having seen him for awhile. (Truthfully, I hadn’t been out and about much) when I saw he told me he had had a brain tumor. No clue there was a problem until he keeled over in a store. In the hospital for 3 weeks, then recuperating with his in-laws for a week. 15 stitches. Thankfully everything went well, and he seems to be as energetic and vibrant as ever. Scary stuff.


You just never know. You can do everything right and still end up screwed. Or mess up so badly, you think there’s no hope, and end up a winner. Just gotta take it one day at a time.


Since I feel this post starting to ramble (more than usual) I’ll end it here. Thanks for reading. Have a decent day.







Walking – Day 5 October 11, 2010


OMG – I just checked the blog, and the last time I actually got up early and walked was September 18. That’s just over 3 weeks! Jeez – that’s not good. It’s been 3 weeks of laziness, dvd marathons and inertia; pizza, chocolate and maxi pads.


So anyway I finally got up, got my ass out and walked. Took my brand, spanking new camera and pen and paper. Got some nice shots, walked by the water and wrote some shit. These are my random, stream of consciousness impressions while breathing heavy on a bench.


On the grand stand, above the water across from the Bayonne bridge. The sound of the water lapping is calming but mind starts to think of the wood rotting, giving way; me plunging into the murky water beneath. Can’t swim, fear of suffocation. Not a panic exactly, – just a minor trepidation. As I’m writing – notice some grey schmutz on my sweater.


Temp is brisk – nose is running. 2 women walk by, speaking Chinese, and carrying weights. Years ago I bough ankle weights and hand weights. I should really dig those out and try them on a walk.


Got some nice random shots. Feeling a little dizzy – maybe walking before eating – not such a good idea. Never happened before. Med schedule is fucking ridiculous – take 2 pills on empty stomach, wait 2 hours, take diff pill on empty stomach, wait ½ an hour, eat something, take the rest of meds.


Maybe I’ll walk some more till my camera batteries run out. Taking more photos than doing actual walking, but still it’s good to get out. (Hope I can read this when I get back.) On 2nd thought maybe I’ll just go back now – more dizziness. Maybe lie down. Maybe just take pills on non-walking day – get up, swallow, go back to sleep. Walking days – eat something, then walk.


While sitting here writing a power walker that I saw as I came into the park passes by. I think she’s circled the park twice and I haven’t actually made it that far. Ah well – each to their own pace. Still managed to stay out for an hour. Must bring more paper and batteries next time.


Ooh, look – it’s 8:46. Been up for almost 3 hours. I can eat something. Yippee!!







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