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Happy Birthday Kim Coates January 3, 2011

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Kim Coates on IMDB

Kim Coates on wiki

TVSquad interview

Monsters & Critics interview

Sons of Anarchy

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Prison Break

Cold Case: Sabotage



Assault on Precinct 13

Black Hawk Down

Night Man

Married to a Stranger

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Dead Silence

F/X: The Series


Bad Boys (uncredited role as “White Carjacker”)

The Last Boy Scout


I accept that … November 13, 2010

What Mythical Creature are you?

Your Result: Vampire

Are you comfortable in the dark? Love to wander? Find yourself watching people from a distance? Then your mythological creature is a vampire. Secluding themselves in darkness, vampires are often known to posess certain powers of attraction and manipulation over others, especially humans. Vampires often travel among humans, especially at night, feeding off their blood in order to survive. Vampires are known to have the most passionate love lives, connecting with their lover not only sexually, but emotionally, and on a physically dependend level, (the need for their mate’s blood.)Vampires are driven almost completely on primal instinct, and because of this, are known to be darker, or evil.

What Mythical Creature are you?
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