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Um … what? October 2, 2015

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Totally viral September 17, 2012

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This is going to be an insanely long post about nothing that actually matters. But so what? I’m sharing anyway.


So – viral videos. Who doesn’t love ’em? Yeah they’re omnipresent and they get old fast and there’s a new one every 12 1/2 seconds but they can be so damn catchy. Like a virus. Ha-ha – see what I did there?


Anyway, after they catch on, then you have a slew of the inevitable copycats, homages and best of all – parodies. After hearing the various versions, interpretations and bizarre extrapolations for about the 47,872nd time you’re kind of over it. Then the fun and frivolity and fascination turns to annoyance. Then – outright hatred.


Once you get to the hatred stage your consciousness has become so saturated it becomes what’s lovingly (?) known as an earworm. A song you hate, but once you hear it you cannot get it out of your head. A song that, once it becomes locked within your head you feel compelled to share it. So others can experience your joy/misery at the numbing preoccupation with the experience.


I bring you one such song: PSY’s “Gangnam Style”



This thing is fun. It’s cute, catchy (viral) and just makes you feel happy. The artist is obviously having a blast. I can’t dance but it (almost) makes me wanna dance around the apartment.


So what exactly is “Gangnam Style”? I guess it’s just a Korean term that you can liken to “swag”. Kind of a high class, luxe life but not stuffy about it. A little bit of artifice but nothing really mean or harmful in it. At least PSY’s version. It’s so silly yet cool. PSY himself seems to be totally in on the joke of it all.




This is a sensation all over the place. Even NBC’s Today show anchors Al Roker, Natalie Morales, Savannah Guthrie, and 6′ 5″ David Gregory got into the act.



Hmm. I guess Matt Lauer decided to play hooky that day.


A bride and groom did their own version for a wedding video; PSY shows up on Ellen to teach Brittani the right moves; some hot Navy personnel made it their own and a bunch of lifeguards did a fun at their (empty) pool while they were off duty and got fired for it. PSY even made a statement in support of them getting their jobs back. The funniest one I’ve seen (besides the original) is an animated full-chorus zombie adaption



I also have a fondness for a spoof highlighting what some people consider the best part: the elevator sequence.



I mean, let’s face it – you can’t beat such enthusiastic rhythmic pelvic thrusting. I’m a big fan of pelvic thrusting. Rhythmic or otherwise. And for some reason it reminded me of “Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang. Remember that one?



Anyway, back to Gangnam. Please enjoy the mini gallery and links I’ve haphazardly thrown together for your visual and listening enjoyment/anguish. Personally I’m just waiting for someone to create a Gangnam Workout Video. Feel free to use the pics, gifs and videos as you see fit. All of this stuff is culled from the interwebz.







Know Your Meme: “Gangnam Style”

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“Gangnam Style” in reverse

Acoustic cover on talent show

Creepy closeup

Jump the Shark moment or just plain weird?

Annoying Orange



WTF??? Earworm July 26, 2011

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