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#DailyHotnessDilemma October 28, 2011

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Stopped in my tracks while looking for pictures for The Daily Hotness. Come on. You know the Daily Hotness. It’s a roundup of links and pictures (a lot of them, admittedly shirtless) of guys I think are hot. It’s kinda rude and totally superficial but, fuck it. It’s my blog and I can drool if I want to.


Anyway, I found a bunch of interesting pictures to choose from for Eduardo Verastegui. He’s pretty, he’s sexy, he’s Latin. So – score!


Then I look up articles and I’m finding out stuff that reaaally doesn’t jibe for me. He endorsed McCain. No, not Meghan McCain, John. He was against Prop 8 – marriage equality in Cali. He’s against abortion or he’s “pro-life” as they say. (Yea – ‘cuz all of us “right to choose” people are aaaaallll about the death!)


Not saying everyone has to believe the same thing, and if you don’t believe what I believe then you’re a heartless, arrogant loser scumbag. Not true. It’s just – somehow it dampened my enthusiasm a bit. But why? I’m not planning on marrying the guy and having offspring (or not) with him.


Truthfully the guys I put up here – I’ve never met them, never had a conversation with them, don’t know they’re political leanings, etc. Does that make them any less hot in my book? Not really. Well, maybe. Okay – a little. It’s like – “ugh! why are you so — ugh!!!”!


There’re a lot of guys that fill my hotness pocket. Not literally of course. That would be a whole ‘nother type of blog.


I mean, I put up LL Cool J – and he apparently votes Republican. (Didn’t know that until waaaaay after I put him up). But this lady still loves Cool J. And Tom Selleck, too


So – I will post the pics in a few. ‘Cuz this guy is seriously pretty. And the feature is called “The Daily Hotness” not “Kimmie’s Daily Gallery of the Kinda Sexy and Potentially Politically and Socially Compatible”





Dilemma … January 18, 2011

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