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Cover Battle – “Sweet Transvestite” October 10, 2014


The song “Sweet Transvestite” is one of the many highlights of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a cult movie obsession. It comes up in our first onscreen introduction to Dr. Frank N Furter, played by the remarkable Tim Curry. From that moment on he owns the movie. The song, and Curry, offer an erotic temptation, blatantly causing us to reexamine and redefine our own inner desires and perversions, magnetically drawing us out of the box and over to the kinky side.


This next version is done by actor Mark Pellegrino. You may not know his name, but if you own a television or have gone to movies I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize his handsome face. At the 2012 Salute to Supernatural convention in Vancouver (or VanCon, as it’s known) he performed a really good, sexy karaoke version on stage with costars Richard Speight, Jr., Matt Cohen, and singer Steve Carlson. He definitely has fun with it, and the audience just eats it up.


Actor Anthony Head brings this one back to the Brits with his rendition from a 2006 tribute show. Just as Tim did, he brings a mesmerizing flirtiness and raunch to the role, without imitating Mr. Curry. Anthony puts his own brand on the experience.


Apocalypse Hoboken starts their cover out slow and draggy; making it sound like the song was done not by Frank N Furter, but by the character Riff Raff. I don’t really feel any sort of eroticism in this – just a brute heavy metal sound, that plays more on the wild, counterculture, non-conformist aspect of the whole Rocky Horror proceedings. They do have a bit of fun with the “antici … pation” part of the song, though.


Please don’t hate me for this but I brought you a Glee take on the song, with a woman as Frank N Furter. On one hand it makes no sense, but on another it does. Even though Rocky Horror is considered a “cult” classic, it’s so popular that you might even call it mainstream. By having Frank N Furter portrayed by a biological woman it’s kind of taking it back to its original roots of playing with “alternate” sexualities and making you question the constructs of gender identity. Or maybe I’m just over thinking this. Basically I’m just putting this here as a showcase for the incredible voice of Amber Riley.


There was one version I really, really wanted to find for you guys. And for me, too. It was Eric McCormack performing it in the Rocky Horror 25: Anniversary Special put together by VH1. After repeated searches using a ton of different word configurations I found segments from other celebrity performers, but not the one I desperately wanted to give you. And myself. So, alas – no video of Eric. ;-(


But, at the last minute, I did find pictures.





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